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michele - June 30

I will be about 18 weeks pregnant Sunday July 3. I have been to the docs about 4 times now for my regular visits. We listen to the heartbeat now every appointment and the last time I was at the docs was when I was 16 weeks. The nurse asked if I had felt any flutters and I had told her no so she had said it would be any day now. Well its almost 2 weeks later and I haven't felt anything! Should I be concerned? (p.s. However I do go for a sonogram July 6)


Jackie B - July 1

Don't worry, I didn't feel anything until I was about 20 weeks. It's not a big deal. You will feel the baby soon enough and then when the little thing just won't stop moving and is constantly using your bladder as a trampoline you'll wish for the days she was quiet. lol Well at least I do.


Donna - July 1

Yeah, don't worry. I also didn't feel anything until 20 weeks. Everyone is different, sometimes they forget to tell us this! It's odd she told you this anyway seeing as most things you read about movement tell you to expect to feel something from 19 weeks on......especially if it's your first!


Kate - July 1

Michele, I'm 18 weeks on Sunday as well and when I went for my 15 week appointment my Midwife told me I should start feeling flutters anytime after 18 weeks, I haven't felt anything yet so I guess maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks for us!! Let me know when you feel something!!


A - July 1

I am 18 weeks today and I still haven't felt anything, other than possibly little flutters, but I'm not sure. I went to the dr.last week monday and the baby flipped around when she was getting the heartbeat and told me I should definatley be feeiling that movement in the next 2 weeks. That would put me at Monday- and nothing yet. I'm not worried about it, I think I might just not know what it really feels like. Could be gas. haha.


Cris - July 1

I didn't really start feeling anything distinguishable until I was about 20 weeks. I thought they were gas bubbles! lol Now the little boogar won't stop kicking and/or punching! Just be patient a little bit longer. lol



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