Confused With Weeks N Months

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goldfish - January 2

if u are 24 weeks have u completed 6th month or start the 6th month


kay101 - January 2

It depends on how you count. 40 weeks pretty much comes out to 9 months and one week. Four weeks don't equal 1 month because most month's have 31 days, not 28. Lunar months going by the phases of the moon are exactly 4 weeks. Pregnancy is 10 lunar months, or counting from your last period 9 regular months and a week. Did that make sense? I'm not always good at explaining things.


HeatherIsHopeful - January 2

goldfish... dont try to compare weeks to months the traditional way.. like kay said 40 weeks is not 9 months... so the 9 months we have in our heads is sorta wrong unless you have been counting that way from the start. look online for a conversion chart or something they are very helpful. anyway its just easier to go by weeks not to mention it makes it seem like its going by faster to have a weekly count down instead of monthly :)


goldfish - January 2

ya thats true but those charts dont say anything about start or finish . i wanted to know the conversion for some other reasons txs


mama keya - January 3

Go to (just like that with the dashes in it) they will give you a chart of start and finish just put in your due date


eastcoast - January 3

If you check out, it gives a really good explanation of how to calculate. Basically, weeks 1-2 (you're in 1st month), weeks 5-8 (in 2nd month), weeks, 9-13 (in 3rd month), weeks 14-17 (in 4th month), weeks 18-21 (in 5th month), weeks 22-26 (in 6th month), weeks 27-30 (in 7th month), weeks 31-35 (in 8th month), weeks 36-40 (in 9th month). Hope that helps:)


stefkay - January 3

eastcoast, thank you! VERY helpful! :)


eastcoast - January 3

Stefkay, you're welcome -glad it helps:) Although I just noticed a typo in my last post...should read weeks 1-4 (in 1st month) -whoops!


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

hey eastcoast I have a questions.. I think the issue with understanding the caluclations is the use of fetal age instead of gestational age... so when you say 1-4 weeks is the first month is that fetal age? because for my whole pregnancy I have been using gestational age which would make me 15 weeks (fetal age) so is that fourth month or would I go by 17 weeks (gestational age) which would be almost 5th month... I ASSUME its fetal age because that makes the most sense.. I'm just curious.


eastcoast - January 5

Heather, the way it was explained to me is if you are 15 weeks along, then you are in your 4th month of pregnancy, so you are 3 months pregnant (i.e. you still haven't finished your 4th month, so therefore, are technically 3 months pregnant). BUT my dr also said that the easiest way to explain it (especially the closer you get to your due date) is to count backwards from your due date....i.e. my due date is June 3rd, so on February 3rd I'll be 5 months (because there are 4 months left from February 3rd until June 3rd). I'm sure that's probably confusing (it's confusing to write!) but it does make sense to me.


HeatherIsHopeful - January 5

the due date bit makes sense... I like that. :) thanks



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