Constant Pressure On Bladder

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mgn - November 20

i was wondering if anyone has what i am having. i am 4 months and feel the urge to pee CONSTANTLY. I go most times but sometimes it is just a trickle and I have cramps along with it. pressure and cramps. my doc said it could be from the pregnancy and the uterus pushing on the bladder but she also took my urine to check if its a bladder infection. she is going to let me know. what do u think? did anyone have this and it was NOT a bladder infection? thanks


Babycrazy - November 20

I have has this for the past month or so. I am 18 weeks and when I pee I sometimes double over with cramps. I have had it checked out and had multiple tests for bladder infections, all came back negative. The only explanation my Dr. could give me was the baby growing and pushing on my bladder. When it is emptied, even just a little it contracts getting used to the new position. Not sure if this helps or not........just know you have company with this!


Stephanie_31 - November 21

I had the same thing weeks ago (at 18 weeks). I though I had a bladder infection but it turns out that the baby was head down, really low and sitting on my bladder. The baby did move after about 2 weeks so it didn't last to long. The doctor also mentioned that since it was my second child that my pelvis was wider than the first time so the baby sits lower and can cause more pressure.


cattac - November 21

Hey, this is my third pregnancy first girl. With my previous two I never had this problem but I'm 21 1/2 weeks and starting several days ago it almost felt like this baby was coming OUT she was so low! I would drink a cup of water and instantly have to pee...its crazy. I think it's the position of the baby because today has been the first day it's been ok! She must have moved positions or something because I dont feel that pressure I've been feeling.


mgn - November 23

thanks girls. i went to my doc and had my urine tested for an infection and it was negative. turns out about 2 days after that it went away (a little) so maybe the baby did just move? little stinker! best of luck to all of you.



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