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lea1 - November 29

hi guys, sorry if this is very uncomfortable atm, im really constipated, this is the worse i have had it the whole time ive been pregnant, i eat loads of fruit n always drink water, i dont wanna turn to laxatives cos dont like takin stuff when preganant anyone got n e ideas..please....!....also is this normal at 13 weeks i thought u only got constipated in early stages x thanks guys x


Cevvin - November 29

try some milk of mag, not a laxative, just helps move stuff along. Slowly and cramp free might i add. Phillips makes mag pills, i took 2 aday for a while to keep me regular.


Rachel29 - November 29

Milk of magnesia is a good idea, or you can ask your OB about getting a prenatal with a laxative in it. I know you're not really into taking medicine, but it might help to know that you're taking something that's proven safe for pregnant women. Hope things get better soon!


goldfish - November 30

first try for 4 days eating oatmeal , prune juice, tomato juice dont jump on a decision to take chemicals in anyway


Astra - December 1

What's helped me is eating veggies like spinach, grated carrots, celery. I try to stick them in my food, e.g. my pasta sauce when I'm cooking or just find food that contains them. Also whenever I excercise, e.g. do prenantal yoga or just go for a vigorous walk I find that it helps. Good luck!


mgn - December 2

its very normal at 13 weeks, and throughout the entire pregnancy. the hormones slow your digestive tract down so the baby has more time to ingest nutrients. its all mother natures way of helping baby be healthy. meanwhile, i understand ur misery. its amazing how something as simple as pooping makes life better. lol as for me, i have been eating a few apricots a day. they REALLY help. go easy on them as they will make u go! also, if you like sauerkraut (sp?) it will clean you out for sure. best of luck and know that this will pa__s. no pun! :)


JoJo123 - December 5

lea- i started eating 2 small homemade bran muffins every morning this week and although I don't "go" like I normally would before pregnancy- I go everyday (which is a lot better then 1 or 2 times a week). Good Luck- I feel your pain!


Sims1 - December 5

i stared eating high fiber bran cereal before going to bed every day. and that helped a million. yes i started getting constipation around week 10. it's awful.


Gemini_Girl - December 5

Hiya, I didnt start getting constipation till about the end of 2nd / start of 3rd tri, I tried eating more fibre rich cereals, fruit and veg but just couldnt go, had to go to the doc and get some medicine/syrup called lactulose i take a a very mild dose and it really helps to soften things!


lea1 - December 10

thanks guys helpedloads ive been eating so much fruit and feel loads better x


Faye84 - December 10

lettuce and popcorn will clean you right up!



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