Constipation Sorry

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Lindsey - January 8

Hi, I'm 18 weeks and suffering with constipation, this has only started in the last few days as I am normaly quite regular. I know it is a "normal" symptom but how are other coping with it, is there anything i can take? I'm drinking lots of Orange juice and eating loads of fruit aswell.


hi - January 8

I was told to drink alot of water to help this.It did not,so i started taking metamucil cookies.They also have pills.Either way i'd suggest increasing your fiber.For me was easiest to just eat the cookies.Good luck.


Drew - January 8

Increased water intake is usually the first thing they reccommend, but like the other poster it didn't really help me a whole lot either. If you decide to increase your fibre intake, do it slowly because if you start with a whole bunch all at once it can cause bowel cramping which can get pretty painfull. My ob told me if things get uhhh...."desperate" lol I can use Colace as direscted on the box, it's safe. And just go whenever you feel the urge. I made the mistake at times if I was just in the washroom for a quick pee and felt I could have done the other, but was in a hurry so never did it. I quickly found that no matter how much in a hurry I was, to go if I felt the urge. Good luck!! :)


to Lindsey - January 8

Water does help. I was so constipated for the beginning weeks of pregnancy. Then I went for an u/s where they want you to drink a quart of water beforehand. I was a happy lady on the toliet that day! Also, exercise (even just walking) should get things going. Good luck!


K - January 8

drinking water and a having a bowl of raisen bran every morning completely took care of my problems


Lindsey - January 8

Thankyou all for you replies, I actually got told off before for not drinking enough fluids, so now I am filling a 2 litre bottle of water every day and making sure that I drink it.


Anne - January 8

Water didn't help me either. I have found that eating dried fruit helps. I get the mix of apricots, apples, pears and prunes and just pick the prunes out because I don't like them. Good Luck!


Rachel - January 8

Well, I have suffered with constipation since the second month, I'm 25 weeks now. My OB told me it was perfectly safe to take a stool softener. He said I could take it 2 times a day if I needed to. He also recommended I take Metamucil along with it. So everytime I take my prenatal vitamins, I take a stool softener and a Metamucil. I did it for a month in the beginning and it finally made me regular again, so I stopped. Bad idea!! Now I take it faithfully! I got so uncomfortable once I had to use a laxative, which the doctor also said was OK. Good luck!


Allyson - January 8

milk of mag worked for me!!!!!


petunia - January 9

Hi I'm 15 weeks and i manage constipation by eating a lot of prunes and drink 2x 1,5 liters of water from 8:30 until 3:00 and any amount of water afterwards.


Petra - January 10

Eat prunes, sprinkle oat bran onto things you eat, stay plenty hydrated.



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