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Cindy - October 24

I am 14 weeks pregnant and have been contantly constipated. Does anyone else have this problem. What medications are safe? I eat tons of fruit, veggies and fiber, so I don't know what else to do. My Doctor told me to drink the fiber that you mix into water but it gags me. Any other adivce? Thanks in advance everyone..


Charlene - October 24

Are you drinking enough water? I find if I do not drink enough , things get pretty uncomfotable. Also, chocolate covered almonds seem to work too. Good luck, I know this is such an awful thing happening and can be very painful. I have been lucky so far and only on occasion have a fight with this.


shelly - October 24

try drinking apple juice every day, it works for me most of the time


Michelle - October 24

Try eating a bowl of raisan bran a couple times a week. I was like you....constantly constipated. Ever since eating that cearel......that is not a problem anymore.


Joanne - October 24

Total cereal always works for me - I eat a bowl every morning. Also apples, and LOTS of water. Even getting out everyday and walking a few blocks will help get things moving, too.


Lisa - October 24

Stay away from banana's, they will make your condition worse. I eat lots of bran flakes, prunes... plus my prenatal has a mild laxative in them as well which helps a lot...I pa__sed a stone henge once and I thought I would die. It was awful. Anything high in fibre...yogurt is good to. I mix up some 100% bran in that and eat it.


Lisa - October 24

Coffee is also a good laxative...


anna - October 25

This may sound redundant, but prune juice really works. Just make sure you drink it on an empty stomach, because that's when your digestive track is most responsive. Drink a full gla__s in the morning, and sometimes it works within a few hours. Plus it has a lot of very beneficial vitamins. Personally it took me months to actually try it, but eventually i got desperate enough, and it worked.


Lisa - October 25

It does not really taste that bad either...I think it's just the stigma that goes along with it which makes you hesitant at first,,,


Cindy - October 25

Thank you all so much! I do drink a lot of water, I will definatly try out your suggestions.


j - October 25

Try the pill forms of metamusil or other fiber supplements--that's what my dr. recommended, just be sure to take it with the recommended amount of water


Amy - October 25

Try eating Uncle Sams cereal.. it is high in fiber and has flax seed in it. I also added flax seed oil to my salads, etc.. it makes a huge difference. Good luck.. it totally sucks.


Ashley - October 26

One thing that really helped me: walking! I try to walk in the mornings and I mentioned it to my dh, the effect it had on me, and he was like, yeah, walking and running gets your system going. (He ran from mid school thru college.) Also, warm soup helps things sometimes, too. I do not know why! But things didn't really slow down until about 18 weeks for me and this is what I found helps me!



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