Contractions 14 Weeks

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Allisonc79 - January 21

Have any of you experienced these contractions as early as 14 weeks. I have been feeling them sometimes when I'm lying down, it's scary to experience them so early though!


Tammy276 - January 21

your uterus actually starts contracting as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy. I started feeling my BH contractions around 17 weeks or so. Is this your first or your second child? If you are concerned about it, just give your doctor a call and discuss it with them, but I'm sure they will tell you it is normal. I am now 30w3d and I am still consistently getting them all the time, except for more intense now than they were earlier on.


danimarie - January 21

Allison- do they hurt or is it just tightening up and getting all hard? I have been noticing the uterus tighten (which my doctor said is contractions) since around then too and my doctor said exactly what Tammy said- that it starts contracting very early, but you just can't feel it till around 14 weeks when it moves up from behind your pelvic bone. It is bad to have them IF they are more than once every 10-15 mins regularly. I would talk to your doctor about it at your next visit (or call them), but like Tammy said it is really normal. For me, it is not a comfortable feeling, but it doesn't hurt. And I don't get them very often. Maybe a couple each day. Hope this helps!


SaraH - January 22

I know for sure that I've been having noticeable (sometimes painful) BH contracts since I was 16w (I am now 29.5w). I think however, that I might have possibly been feeling them a couple weeks earlier as I remember thinking from time to time that my stomach felt harder then I thought was normal (I even asked my dh and sil about it a couple times). Not positive I was feeling them at 14-15w, but I think I may have been and there is NO doubt I've had them since 16.5w. It is scary as you said, but as long as they aren't supper frequent or really painful (although they can hurt and be frequent and still not be a problem -I sometimes have 8-10 an hour and they do hurt sometimes, but so far they aren't causing any problems) you are probably okay. Try drinking a lot of water as dehydration can make them more frequent. Also my doc gave me the go ahead to increase my magnesium and pota__sium (Mg is a muscle relaxant and has really helped decrease the frequency and intensity of my BH's), so you could ask your doc about that. Also lying on your back can cause them to be more frequent (lying on your left side helps the most if you're having a lot of them). I'd talk to your doc about it, but most likely you're okay. --by the way they say it's more common to feel them earlier if you've had a child before, however, this is my first so that doesn't always hold true. Also as Tammy and dani said your uterus starts contracting earl in a pregnancy but normally you don't feel it until much later on. Good luck



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