Cost Of Formula

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g - November 21

i plan to bf but want to be prepared if it doesnt work out. anyone know what the average cost of formula is per month?


mls - November 21

It's been 4 years since I bought formula but I do recall that is was FREAKING HIGH!!!!!! try to get WIC if you can. goodluck with the bf. I'm going to give it another go with this baby.


Tess - November 21

Depends on what kind of baby formula you wanted to buy for your baby. Enfamil cost around $30,Similac cost around $25 and Isomil cost around $25 too. I think its cheaper if you buy at CostCo or Sams Club. Im plannin on buying my baby's diapers at Sam coz its way tooooooo cheap compare to Walmart, Kmart and Target.


g - November 21

so when you say about $25 is that for a can and how long does that last?


Margo - November 22

if you have costco, sams club or BJ near you..i highly recommend to sign up with will get the best deal on formula, diapers and some baby food. Formula prices vary depending on the brand of the formula..If you go for a good quality one like Enfamil Lipil at costco 3 pound can will cost you $29.99. Depending on your baby age it would last you differently cause they drink different amounts of formula per day. I started using formula when my son was 4 months. 3 pound can lasted 1.5 week.


Jill - November 22

I have researched it as I don't plan to BF. Definetly get it at Sams, BJS, etc. Even I found something online about how much they drink at what age. For an infant, I calculated about $125 a month for Efamil Lipid. It is a lot of money, but it's worth it to me. (I have very large b___sts and back problems as it is). And remember, by 6 months they start some solids and at one year, no more formula. (Then the money just goes to mommy and me cla__s anyway! LOL)


g - November 22



N - November 23

I'm in Canada and for my ds I paid approx. $40/week for 12 cans of concentrated Enfamil A+ (which I think is Enfamil Lipil stateside). That was at the very beginning. Once they start solids it really comes down. By 11 months a case of concentrate would last almost a month. I think the Powder version is much cheaper, but Health Canada recommends against powder since it is more suceptible to contamination. There have also been more recalls on the powder, mostly in the US.



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