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Rachel29 - January 24

Hi girls, I just wondered how much it would cost to have a baby in the hospital without insurance. I have insurance right now, but am worried incase I loose my job or something. We just had a round of layoffs at my company, so I'm a little worried. My husband's insurance comapny wouldn't pick it up if I went on his policy because they consider it a "pre existing condition." We went with mine originally because it was better, but I'm a little worried with all these budget and staff cuts. Here's hoping I don't loose my job before the baby! Thanks for your help!


cors1wfe - January 24

Rachel I was in your shoes up until December ...I went to a midwife clinic because they are over seen by great OB doctors...anyways - most hospitals have discounted rates for cash patients the only draw back I encountered was that it had to be paid in advance - but we were going to use our tax return to help with the overall cost of about $4500.00 for everything including prenatal visits and epidural. I actually ended up qualifying for a state program which is for middle income families - try any county or state program - it won't matter if you are pregnant and don't feel embarra__sed about trying to get help there are programs out there for us hard workers who have just hit a bump in the road - with my insurance I pay 63.00 a month for a year then I have paid my deductible in full and I am fully covered - I am in California and it's called AIM - what state are you in?


renaye - January 24

oh tru i did not know it cost you to have baby over the outher side of the world im from new zealnd and it is free here i guess you learn some thing new each day but it is kinda mean makeing new mums and dads pay to have a baby


gabby509 - January 24

Rachel, I had no health insurance when I found out I was preggo. I applied for medicaid, which I was embarrased about, but it turns out it's wonderful. I do not have to pay for anything. All my doctors visits are paid for, my hospital stay, the birth, and the baby is covered for 1 year after birth. Then I can reapply for myself and my little man. I only feel ok about recieving goverment insurance because I have paid federal taxes forever, and it's finally time that I got to use some of it. Also, my insurance card says Blue Cross Blue Shield, so noone even knows that it's really medicaid.


sarah21 - January 24

I went to a midwife because I had the same issue. Medicaid is pretty easy to get in Texas, where I live, so I would check that out. My midwife costs $2500.00 if I go to the birthing center, $2700.00 if I want a home birth. I have loved the experience and wouldn't trade it. A hospital birth in Texas with no insurance is over $7000.00. I would definitely check into state aid. There is no shame in it! That's what they're there for.


mjvdec01 - January 24

You need to make sure you get on a cobra plan. If they are going to let you go make sure you go to human resources right away to get the paper work. You will have to pay monthly for it, but you have to have insurance in case of the unthinkable.


Tootsie5c - January 25

It would be illegal for your husbands insurance not to cover it. If you have insurance prior to getting new insurance, i think the time frame is within sixty days of applying for new insurance, they cannot hold anything as a pre existing condition. I would call and double check his insurance. As long as you had previous creditable coverage, you should be covered under his.


kendra.marie - January 25

in iowa a v____al birth costs 2600.00


gabbysally - January 25

I think that pregnancy cannot be considered a pre-existing condition. I would look more into that.


Rachel29 - January 25

Thanks guys for your answers! I'm just really hoping that I'm able to stay at my job. I have a pretty good relationship with my boss, so I don't think that she would do something like that to me, but then again, other people have been laid off and I didn't think they would be, so I got a little scared! Tootsie, I think I will double check with my husband's insurance just to see about the 60 day time frame. It does seem like it would be really harsh just to cut people off like that when they do have other options, so I hope that you are right! Also, it's good to know that Medicare and other programs are out there, so I'll try not to worry so much! Again thanks for the advice, I do feel some better!


newmomma32 - January 25

wow--crazy. her--in canada--its free....ofcourse comes out of our taxes, but that's what taxes are for! good luck with that .. hope u get a fair deal.


Rachel29 - January 25

Yeah, I think that the US is the only country in the world (well, I'm not totally sure, but one of the only ones) that doesn't have universal health care. It even worse that different plans cover different things, and a lot of times you don't know what it does and doesn't cover until you either read the fine print or it shows up on a bill. Anyway, do you have to pay any co-pays or anything when you go to the doctor in Canada or New Zeland? Must be nice to have it all taken care of!


Jessicab3 - January 25

Hi Rachel, I would definately check your husband's insurance again because I think Tootsie is right, since you already have existing insurance that would get dropped if you are layed off I think your husband's insurance has to take you. Otherwise definately look into COBRA, it may be expensive to pay the full insurance cost each month but if you look at your delivery cost, nursery costs and all those newborn doc visits it would definately be worth it. Good luck!


newmomma32 - January 25

I've never paid anything at a doctors visit. we also have tones of walkin clinics . There is a lineup sometimes, but the good things is that we all get covered.


disko love - January 25

Oh Rachel... I hope that you don't lose your insurance coverage. It's really expensive to have a baby if you have to pay cash. I had no insurance when I became pregnant... so here in California I had to apply for Medi-cal which I wasn't too thrilled about... but it just so happens that the Medi-cal coverage is really covered by Blue Cross and it has been great. I got to pick my doctor and the hospital I want to deliver in too. I thought that was pretty cool cuz usually they pick everything for you... I guess I lucked out with the new Medi-cal coverage. Everything is free. All of my prenatal visits and even well-baby care for one year after the little one is born. Maybe you should try looking to see what kind of insurance is out there. Like maybe Medi-caid.



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