Could I Be Further Along Than They Thought

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Cat - November 3

I am 15 weeks in my first pregnancy. I started out a size 8 when I became pregnant and I look the same everywhere else but my stomach seems to be getting big quick. I started feeling the baby move a few days ago, not just flutters but even nudges and other stuff. I have heard that maybe I am just bloated etc and that explains the stomach being distended rather early on... we had an ultrasound and they said we were 9 1/2 weeks at the time. There was a lot of confusion as to when we conceived bc I was on the pill plus if you gauge the length of pregnancy by my last period we would be several more weeks along than the doc said we are. The doc said I ovulated late bc I have polycystic ovary disorder, but anyway is the first ultrasound vey accurate? We saw the heart beating at that time and little arm and leg buds and part of the brain. When can they tell very surely how far along you are?


Christine - November 4

I went for my first sonogram early and they told me that my due date was April 15th, I went back two weeks later and they changed it to April 7th, my doc said she is not changing it because the earlier you are the more accurate they's grow at different rates, although usually after the first trimester..I decided that my due date is somewhere between the two dates...I also have felt like I have been feeling the baby move for longer than they say I should have..but this is also my third pregnancy so I know what it feels like to be kicked(lol)...just ask your doc about it..he can tell my measuring as well as sonogram.


ErinJoy - November 4

My first ultrasound was done in my first month of pregnancy. I was sick and wasn't trying for a baby so I went to the emergency room, unaware that I was having morning sickness. They gave me an ultrasound there and told me my due date was February 7th. I got my second ultrasound around the time when most get their first and my due date was pushed to February 9th. So, I know they can be wrong -- I just don't know how wrong!


me - November 30

I know the day that I conceived because the sad truth is I only had s_x one time that month. The doctor says according to the u/s that I am about two weeks less than what I must be. The doc told me its not an exact science.


emma - December 11

im wondering if some one can help me please. i had my first ultrasound at what was said to be 11 weeks but then i went back about 3-4 weeks later because it was a poor reading and they actually put me back a week to make a due date of march the 1st. then on my 3rd scan at 20 weeks the woman put 19th feb on my growth chart but hadnt had it officially changed so they all said including the hospital that it was put wrong and my due date is march the 1st, but when i went to be monitered at hospital at 28 n half weeks the midwife was feeling my belly and joked that she cant miss feeling this baby as apperently i might be carrying a big point is im worried that i might be further along than what they say or is it possible that maybe i am just carrying a bigger baby as they do grow at different rates in the 2nd-3rd wrong can the midwifes or ultrasound be and couldnt the midwifes tell if i was much further gone just by the feel of my belly.plzz help me thanx. or maybe any one that was in a simular situation.


loveme19200 - September 18

i was wondering the same thing the dr said i am due dec 15 but i did 3 preg test march 10 and all said yes so how can it be so diff and the er dr said i was inly 3 weeks 5 days



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