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Amanda - October 31

I had an ultrasound at 6.5 weeks to confirm pregnancy and how far I am which was the 6.5 weeks. Now I am 14 weeks and my doc is sending me for another ultrasound for the normal things plus to check and see if I am only carrying one baby. He is doing this cause he said my uterus is larger than a 14 week pregnancy. Could it be possible that you couldn't see two at the 6.5 wk ultrasound or no? Thank you!!


E - October 31

Yes, it is possible. Good luck and let us know:)


Amanda - October 31

Thank you! I will find out Tuesday afternoon. Do you know if this is common?


Tina - November 1

Please let us know I am in the same situation.


Amanda - November 2

Tina and E, I just have one! My uterus is just larger due to the fact that I have a bicornuate uterus, which I was aware of, didn't know it could make it larger than actually date!


Tina - November 3

what is a bicornute uterus?


Amanda - November 3

I have a partial divider in my uterus. So I have a lot of appointments due to that, making sure baby has enough room.


karen - November 18

hi. i just found out i have a bicornute uterus. i'm 29 and not planning a family yet, but i'm afraid for when i am ready. i don't know much. what can you share with me?


Amanda N - November 18

Well first at the same time they found out I had bicornuate uterus they found out I have polycystic ovaries as well. So they wanted to do a test to see how big divider is to see if surgery would be best option or not. But due to polycystic ovaries they had to put me on meds to make me ovulate and said my best option was to try to get pregnant for both things. They said they wouldn't know if having the divider would cause problems, as it can cause miscarriage or premature birth. So they keep a close on me, I am almost 17 weeks now so they are now hoping I will make it to at least 35 weeks before having baby, and when that happens have to see if I can do a v____al birth or has to be csection. I have ultrasounds a lot and am already having to go to doc every two weeks. I can share more if you have any specific questions!! Let me know. Hope this helped.


Melissa - December 16

I to have a bicornute uters. I have been blessed with two very beautiful baby girls. But I have been trying for the past 10 months to get pregnate again and nothing is happening. I have not been on any birth control. I do not know what is going on. Help?


Amanda N - December 16

Not really sure on that one. Being that I have polycystic ovaries they put me on meds to help me ovulate. We had been trying for 7-8 months, then after being on the med for 1 month I got pregnant. Not suggesting you have that, but that is how my months of trying was resolved. Have you talked to your doc? We just found out Tuesday that we are having a girl. Our first, very very excited though. I hope all works out for you.



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