Could Someone Please Help Me Am 19 Weeks

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beth - January 25

i am 19 weeks pregnant and right up until 6 days ago i could feel the baby moving around alot. since the last 6 days i have not felt it move. last night i was just sitting down when i felt something i dont no if this was the baby or if this was my mind playin tricks on me to make me think it is. could someone please help me do u think the baby is alright or do u think somethings wrong.


Katie - January 25

Hi beth I started to feel little things around the same time. I got my u/s at that time and the u/s tech said that I may feel little things here and there but it was still to early. I really didn't start feeling my little guy until I was 22 to 23 weeks. Im now almost 26 weeks and I get kicks all the time but then there are days where he doesnt kick really at all. It's normal to worry and and Im sure your babies fine. I'd wait aliitle while, you will start feeling him/her in no time. Hope that helps but if it you continue to worry let your doctor know. Im sure things are fine. Congrats on the new baby:)


Z.nina - January 25

hi beth, no my dear it is totally normal to feel the baby one in a while in this stage so do not worry,when your baby grow up you will start to feel him more and more so it is normal


KelyFranz - January 25

hey beth, my dr told me that it's common for movement to slow down around 20 weeks. I would still check with your dr., but rest at ease a little. It is most likely normal. Good luck!


Lori - January 25

I had the same thing. I felt a lot of movement at around 19 weeks then really nothing for a few weeks. Now at 24 weeks it's game on. Don't worry too much about it. My doctor said even at 24 weeks it's not unusual to go a few days without feeling movement. It's probably nothing to worry about, but if you are worried, go and get it checked out - peace of mind is a great thing.


Tess - January 25

I started feeling my baby moe when I was that far along.....once I hit 20 wks it stop - - - nothing to panic. I was told that sometimes the baby would move and we just dont feel it.....I had my u/s gender when I was 21wks along and the tech said baby's so active inside me and that I shouldnt worry anything. goodluck!


000 - January 25

have you called your obstetrician?? they can do the doppler to hear the heartbeat and/or ultrasound to check the baby. sometimes, if you are really active though it can lull the baby to sleep or you may not be focusing on the movement.


D - January 26

i notice my baby move the most when im sitting down hardly ever when im moving around im 19 weeks too i think i just don't feel it when im up moving around and busy your babys prolly moving you just missed it


Shella - January 26

I never felt my baby move til 22 weeks so you probably have nothing to worry about. I heard that before then they just don't always touch the sides, depending on what position they are in so you can feel them move sometimes and not others.


Sheena - January 26

Dont worry Beth!! I too was the same, I started feeling movement at 17 weeks then at week 18 it stopped. I was paranoid and driving myself sick with worry! I ended up getting my ultrasound at 19 weeks and all was well. The baby just had its spine to my belly b___ton (so it was facing my back!). Your baby has probably just moved position or is awake when your sleeping.



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