Could This Mean Trouble

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Esmé - September 4

I am 22weeks and 2days pregnant. I've been feeling my baby move since the 20th week and in the 21st week my husband could already feel his movement when putting his hand on my stomach. Now at 22 weeks I already see my stomach move, and when there is something on my stomach, f.i. a glass, the glass will "bounce" when he moves. Is this normal, why could my baby be moving so figourously?


karen - May 26

i started to feel movement at 18 weeks, i am now just 21 weeks and my stomach visibly moves when my baby family can all feel the movements easily. i have put it down to me being very small and slim. i also look a lot further along than i really am because my stomach sticks out so far and my belly b___ton popped out already!


Barbie - May 27

Enjoy it! I am 20 wks and after having had two previous miscarrriages, I would love nothing more than to have such an active baby! I feel some movements, but not as many as you describe, yet


caroline - July 13

i am also 22weeks and can feel my baby move


Katie - August 4

Oh yeah! Totally normal. My boy did the same thing at that age. He felt like he was playing football in there. Babies are growingf quickly at this stage (weight and such) and start packing more power into their punches and kicks and rolls. I had a palte resting on my belly, holding it with one hand and the baby kicked and it all hit the floor! Your babies movements sound great. Enjoy them! I'm looking forward to this again in a month....


krisha - August 15

I am 19 going on 20 weeks pregnant and I also can feel my baby move. I really thought I was all by myself so I appreciate knowing that it seems to be pretty normal.


amber - August 20

i would give anything to feel my baby move like that, im almost starting my 20th week. She is very active as seen on my recent U/S but i have yet to feel her.


mac - September 3

I am 21 weeks pregnant and have started feeling my baby move alot like that and it was exactly the same with my first pregnancy.


Laura - September 4

I'm about 22 weeks pregnant and I've noticed the baby's kicks getting stronger in the last week or so. They used to feel like flutters but now they're real kicks! The other morning I was lying in bed and the baby kicked so hard I felt the blanket on my tummy move.


mandy - September 24

i am 21 weeks,and my husband has also felt the kicks of our baby boy!It is completely normal and a very good sign.


kathy - July 1




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