Couldn T Tell Sex At 20wk Ultrasound

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jess - October 6

I was just wondering if anyone else was disappointed that their baby wouldn't cooperate at the ultrasound and still don't know the s_x. I am very anxious b/c i want to start preparing.


jb - October 6

Yes!!! Happened to me. We really wanted to know. We get another one next week b/c the tech needed a better shot of the heart and face. So I have one more chance. If it doesnt work out next week, then I have a looong wait until Feb. Do you get another chance? If not just think it will be great suprise in the delivery room.


Sam - October 6

I get another chance, too, at 24 weeks. Our doctor thought it looked like a girl, but her feet were over her privates so we didn't get a for sure. (We've been keeping it a secret until we get a definitive answer.) I go back next week for another to check my cervix length. If that's not enough, we have a 3D/4D scheduled for October 22. Can't wait to see my baby's face!


Sara - October 6

Sam- Same thing happened to me. But I had an ultrasound at 17 weeks. They told me it looked like a girl but babys legs where in the way.I am now 26 weeks 4 days. I think my doctor is going to do an ultrasound in my appointment tomorrow. I hope!


to sam - October 6

sorry I know the s_x of mine..boy..but just wanted to tell you the 3-D/4-D ultrasound is just amazing!! I had one done Oct. 4th and yes I got to see my baby's face and got some really wonderful pics good luck to you...


jess - October 6

i was thinking about doing a 3D ultrasound but there are none that are close to the area in which i live. i think the closest is 4 hrs away. as of yet i am not sure if i will get another one from my doctor, i will find that out next week.


Sam - October 8

Sara--did you find out what it is? I'm banking on a girl, so I really, really hope the doctor was right with her "maybe" a__sessment. Guess I'll find out for sure on Thursday. The doctor gave me two pictures that say "female" on them, so I'm guessing she was a little more sure than she let on.


Sara - October 9

My appointment was totally not what I expected! I was all happy going because I thought I was gonna have an ultrasound. Guess what! I didn't! Heres what happened.. My doctor has another doctor attend his patients when he's out delivering babies. So my last appointment I saw the other doctor. (not my doctor) and he told me I was gonna get an ultrasound today or for sure my next appointment. Well, today I saw my doctor and I asked him if he was gonna do an ultrasound and he looked at me and said why? And I was like well the other doctor told me I was! He told me no that he won't be doing one till i'm 36 weeks! That is a long time! The only reason why I was REALLY mad was because the other guy said i'd be getting one for SURE! So my doctor asked him why he told me that, since he happened to be there today and he just laughed and said oops sorry, I lied. He was like I thought you where further along. Ugh! He is such a jerk! I guess i'm dumb for trusting him. Well, the good news is that I scheduled a 3d ultrasound for next Saturday which i'm gonna pay $200 out of my own pocket. But I think it's worth it. If I new this was gonna happen I would've scheduled one a long time ago. Other than that babys heartbeat was 150 and i'm measuring normal right now. Oh yeah and i've gained 12 pounds so far.


Sam - October 9

I don't know about your 3D place, but the description of what I'm doing guarantees that you'll find out the s_x. If you can't for some reason, they let you come back as many timse as it takes. I'm shelling out the $200,'s a lot, especially right now with all the other baby stuff we have to buy, but I think it will be worth it -- the sample pictures I've seen are so amazing! Sounds like your doctor's stand-in is an idiot!! Hopefully he won't end up delivering your baby :)


Sara - October 20

Well, I had a 3d ultrasound this past Saturday and it's a GIRL! It was amazing to see her in 3d! Totally worth the money. I got like 20 pictures printed, pictures on a cd and a video.


mls - October 27

that happened with my first pregnancy, couldn't tell at 20 weeks. then at the next u/s it was a girl. my final u/s at 36 weeks revealed a boy. you can prepare without knowing the s_x of the baby. that's the way ALL women used to do, get prepared not knowing what they were having.



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