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StephM - April 25

I'm 19 wks and I've been having mild menstrual like cramps. Wondering if this is normal???


miranda - April 25

I am also a little over 19 weeks and I've got the same kind of cramps. Started out feeling like braxton hicks contractions but now it's just an achy crampy feeling very low. I'm stressing a lot about it and I think I will call the dr tomorrow, so I'll let you know what they say.


jess - April 26

i am 15 weeks with the same feeling.......going to dr tomorrow.........will check in......


Charity - April 26

I've had cramps my whole pregnancy. Makes me so nervous. My doctor is supposed to be great in special needs cases. He is very confident that everything is O.K. I've also done a lot of research on this, and I do know that in the second trimester it is normal to start feeling cramps due to the utures beginning to stretch.


StephM - April 26

Thanks alot!!! I feel a little better reading your replies!!


jess - April 26

oooh, thats ggood to know...thanks charity!!!


becky - April 28

i am about 12 weeks and having discharge along with light c___ping


<Amy> - April 29

I had the exact same problem had cramps very much like period cramps so i went to the hospital to check it out and it's totally normal jus your uterus stretching and growing to make room for baby. And as for the discharge that's normal too.


rossy - April 29

I'am 13 weeks and my doc. said that it is normal is just the utures streching, nothing to worry about.


saydie - April 29

All the way up to about 13 weeks i was having the same thing. When i ask my doc about it she said that if it was happening at the same time i should be having my period it is just your bodies way of reacting to the baby, but she said as long as there is no bleeding and it is not bad pains everything should be just fine. She also said that it could last the whole time i was pregnant so that might be what is going on.



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