Cramps Do They Get Worse

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DWilson924 - January 20

Good morning ladies, I have a question. I am 13 weeks pregnant and was noticing really bad cramping and tighness in my lower "tummy" and played it off to things sttretching. But it made me think and now I am wondering if as the further along in your pregnancy you get, the worse the cramping and tighness is because things are stretched more then they've ever been stretched. So if any of you ladies that are past 13 weeks could help me by letting me know if your cramps and tightness has increased with your's and the babies "size".


Stephanie - January 20

I never had cramping. I am 23 weeks and have growth pains in the hips areas and low back is just tender. Tight for sure! Cramps no. Some cramps maybe due to baby putting pressure on different prgans,etc. I would get it checked out to rule out anything. Good luck with everything. It is probably just your body adjusting to everything.


N - January 20

I am at 18 weeks now and don't really have cramping at this point. BUT, when i just hit 13 weeks, i was having serious cramping! It hurt to walk even. My doctor told me just to rest for the day and that it was normal for this to happen as you are entering the 2nd trimester. She told me that my uterus was stretching so much at this point that it was being irritated and causing me alot of pain. After about a day and a half it went back to normal. Now i am only having the occasional stretching feeling, which i guess is probably round ligament pain. I do get a little aching every now and then, but not too much at all. I am guessing that your cramping will get better as mine did. Just watch for bleeding until then. And try not to do too much activity. This is just from my experience, of course. Good luck! :)


ricanmami - January 20

well I'm just 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I've been having on and off cramps since I will say 7 weeks. I've gone to the doctors and everything is fine.. They say it's the ligaments stretching. yesterday the cramps were a little bit more intense and they defiently feel like stretching but.. I'm not bending down in pain and it's really not all that bad... Everyone is different... but my doctor did tell me that if they felt uncomfortable to take some tylenol... but consult with your doctor first if you do decide to take some medicine.


livdea - January 20

I too had cramping up until about a few weeks ago, I still get it once in a while but not often at all. I'm now 15 weeks!


DWilson924 - January 20

Thanks ladies for all of the advice. As of right now, there's no bleeding i'm relaxed about everything. Keeping my fingers crossed because I basically have a full week to go before I hit my 2nd tri. I just turned 13w yesterday. FUN IS :o) Thanks again for everything.


elkay - January 20

Hello DWilson924, and everyone else. I am 13 wk 1 day and today has been one of worst days for cramping. It helps when I walk around, which I can do with my job. It's been off and on with the cramping and my doc said all is good. No blood or major pains. I hope yours,and mine, get better.



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