Cramps At 16 Weeks

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Hana - April 17

Hiya ladies. I've been experiencing very mild cramps in my lower abs where i can feel my uterus. I feel quite hesitant going to the dr coz they're so mild, but its been coming and going continuously for a few days now... i was thinking maybe im mistaking it with baby kicks, but surely kicks dont hurt do they? Or is my uterus just stretching?


SLP - April 17

It's most likely just stretching, but if you're concerned you should call your dr and ask.


knpandrews - April 17

Hi Hana... I am right at about 14 wks. I feel the cramping constantly since week 6. My doc. says its normal. He says its the stretching of the uterus and of other ligaments attached. As long as they are not severe adn accompanied with bleeding I think you are ok. But you can always call your doc to ask, there is no harm in that. Good luck.


Hana - April 18

Thanks ladies. I have an appointment with my midwife this week and i'll let her know. I'm so paranoid as i've been reading the forum section on 'loss and pregnancy'... I knew i shouldn't and it would just get me depressed and paranoid!


SuzieQ - April 18

Hana - I've been getting mild cramping now and then too. Just enough to make me notice them (and get worried ) but they usually go away after a few minutes. Also, I stopped reading the pregnancy loss forum - I've had 2 m/c's last year and just need to stop worrying. That forum sure helped me through them though. I've noticed if I don't read too much then I feel better. Ignorance is bliss ... :)


honker - April 18

Hi Hana and all, I have also had mild cramping since about week 5 or 6 - off and on, mostly on. No spotting though. I'm about 13.5 weeks now. Is that your only symptom, lucky duck?


Hana - April 19

Honker, haha no thats NOT my only symptom. I was practically in bed for 6 weeks until week 12 with ms. I currently have very very bad hip pain thats driving me nuts..basically i cant walk for more than 10 mins without it starting up. I have such bad heartburn i swear i can spit fire (thnakgoodness for Tums!) And I've gained 19 pounds and im only 16 weeks...right about now im really to shoot myself LOL However I bought little tiny tiny booties the other day and whenever i pa__s them it makes me think it will all be worth it at the end!



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