Cramps In Stomach N Back

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alicia - October 18

Im about 25 weeks along with my first, Today ive been having pms-like cramps in my stomach and lower back for at least 2 and a half hours on and off. Iv tried laying down but theyr' still here. Is this anything to be concerned about or is this normal? Im not sure if im being too precautious or not. I have a doctors appt on thursday so didnt know if this was something to just let go with until then. any response would help. Thanks-


.., - October 19



JP - October 19

I had this yesterday and still a little today. I went to the doctor yesterday and they checked for the hb and everything was fine (I am almost 17 weeks). They told me it could be gas related. They told me to stay way from dairy (which is like telling me my life is over). I think you should go to your doctor asap and have them check it out. It could be just gas pain like they told me, but if we are talking the same pain then it shoots from your stomach to your back and it hurts (feels more like you are having an attach of some sort). Hope that was helpful.


alicia - October 19

I dont really think it was gas i do get that lol but it was different. honestly if i didnt know that i was pregnant i would swear i was getting my was that "on" with the pms pains. It lasted all night last night and just a little bit today. Since its not any worse i think ill just hold off til tommorow. Thanks for the input though


JP - October 19

I had the same exact pain. I thought I was getting my period. I didn't think it was gas either until the doctor said something. Good luck at the doctor.


trish - October 19

Alicia, let us know what the doctor says, my appt is tomorrow (I am 24 weeks) and I have been having pms-like cramps on and off for awhile!


alicia - October 19

well im starting to get worried. i googled it and it says menstrual like cramps after 20 weeks and before 36 weeks means you should call your doctor because it might mean that your starting to dialate/ early labor....not sure im still reading up on it. good luck...if you find anything let me know.


trish - October 19

alicia, I swear, googling and the pregnancy books can drive you mad! I had bad cramping around 15-18 weeks, turns out it was part of an infection! I had it with spotting, and everything I read made it sound like I was going to have a miscarriage. I don't know how frequently your cramps are coming, but I have heard they can be braxton hicks cramps, even this early. If yours are getting worse, or not getting better, go ahead and call doctor though, it can't hurt. Mine are not regular and not painful. I am still going to ask my doctor, my appt is first thing in the morning.


to alicia - October 19

Hon, call your doctor to put your mind at ease.


trish - October 20

alicia: Have you been to the doctor? I got back, and all is well with baby and me. She told me to call her if I got more than three series of bad cramps in an hour . . . hope you are well!


alicia - October 20

Yes i just got back actually a lil while ago...I asked him about that and all the pressure iv been feeling low he said it was prolly just a mix of contractions and being dehydrated( which i wasnt lol) but that if i start to bleed at all or it gets worse then to just goto the hospital. So i guess everythings ok...A funny story to make ya smile: my son was playing punch the doppler today..everytime the poor new nurse lady was trying to put the dopplar on my stomach to hear the heartbeat hed punch at it and like knock it off. it was soo funny. Hope your day is going good.



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