Crampy Feeling

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krissy1980 - February 4

Hello all..I will be 26 weeks tomorrow, and I am just wondering if any other ladies around the same time is experiencing any kind of discomfort at all.Like a crampy feeling..This is my first pregnancy, so I tend to wonder/worry about every lil Do you get the round ligment pains all through out your pregnancy?The crampy feeling is down low (near were mentral cramps are)I am not bleeding or anything..I am just curious if it is normal.It's just an achy feeling..nothing sharp or anything.And it comes and goes, but when I do have it , it seems to stay for alil while.(maybe 45 minutes) then goes away.Thanks!


kim d - February 4

hi krissy, im not quite as far along as you are (17wks) but i too was having the mild/moderate period-like cramps when i was 14-15wks. i had them for over a wk and went to see my dr because they felt like they were getting stronger and NOT ever going to go away!!! she said everything looked fine. probably its just your uterus growing some more or maybe are you constipated??!! sorry, had to ask, just because i took some stool softeners after i saw the dr and the pains went away. i know what you mean about this being your first and having no clue whats going on with your body, and worrying about everything. like my friend said (and shes had 4 kids!!) ahhh, the joys of being pregnant!!!! take care, good luck with everything!! kim.


Tammy276 - February 4

it is normal and yes, you can still get round ligament pain and don't expect it to get any better!!! As you enter into the third trimester and really start to grow, you will find you are getting all kinds of new aches and pains..I am going on 33 weeks, and I have crampy pains all the don't worry yourself over it too much, it is normal


excited2bemama - February 5

I am 23 weeks and always crampy too.



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