Craving Spicy Food

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C - May 1

I am 13 wks along and have been craving spicy foods like crazy! I will eat these spicy Thai noodles everyday and I make spicy chicken wings, and anything I can think of that is spicy and hot!! Is anyone else like this? I used to be a chocoholic and since I've been pregnant - I haven't touched chocolate - weird huh? I would love to hear if others are experiencing this craving too!


rae - May 1

I love spicy food and I love Thai food. Now that i'm pg I crave it more, I also carve crab legs. The old wives tale is if you eat spicy food your baby will have alot of


Tarah - May 1

Spicy foods might be good now, but when you get a little further along, indigestion usually gets bad and you'll most likely want to avoid them! Not all women experience bad indigestion, but if ya do, you won't want spicy food! Trust me! Enjoy it while you can, though! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! =)


Trina - May 2

Sounds like a boy!


C - May 2

I know I will probably get heartburn later on in the pregnancy so I am getting my fill now! lol A boy heh? We actually would like a boy:) Thanks far along is everyone?


Tarah - May 2

I'll be 27 weeks this Wednesday! Almost 3rd trimester! Yay! I can't wait to have her!


puella - May 8

Yes! I was also a real chocoholic before pregnancy....though the rest of my diet was great...but i havnt touched it since, and i didnt find out i was pregnant till 3 months...I had also begun eating alot of savory and spicy foods at the time i stopped the chocolote......


C - May 8

Puella....that is interesting that the same has happened to you!! You'll have to let me know if you are having a boy or girl....most say that craving spicy food means your having a boy? I don't know what I am having...?? Still eating spicy food everyday...I probably will till the heartburn and indigestion kicks in:) When is your EDD?


Elasia - May 18

Yes I've had the craving for only extra spicy and sour food and candy. I used to love chocolate and now I can't stand it. I want to know if eating spicy is healthy for my baby


Beth - May 19

I craved spicy foods in the beginning of my pregnancy, thats all I wanted. I am now almost 26 weeks and have not craved it anymore so much, but I still LOVE my chips and salsa, I can make a meal out of it at a restaurant!! Oh and I am having a girl, I hope she is not all hairy, haa haa


C - May 19

My spicy food cravings have somewhat settled down...I still like it -but don't seem as obsessed. I am 16 wks now...I find out what I am having on June 20th and we'll see if this is a boy or girl:)


Abby - July 27

Hey, I am 7 weeks and i too have been eating spicier foods than i used to (which was spicy enough already:-) ..and I just DONT feel like having chocolate AT ALL ..which i figure is good for my baby :-)


Robyn - July 27

I havent had the spicy foods thing, but when I first was pregnant it was nothing but fruit and salad bars. Thats it! And I used to be a fast food conisour and now I cant even stand the thought of it. They say the gender can be told by what you crave. I am having one boy and one girl, fraternal so much for craving interpretation. Although I hear salty and spicy foods means a little boy....good luck!!!



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