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Jamie - January 9

Hey Everyone! I am 22 wks pregnant and have been having really wired dreams lately. A few wks ago I had one that I lost my mucus plug at 19 wks. Now just 2 nights ago I had a dream that the baby was kicking really hard and kicked through my stomach and came out. Everyone keeps telling me this is normal but I don't feel normal when I wake up. Anyone else having the same kind of dreams.


Aml - January 9

I have been having weird dreams too--most of them night mares! but some that make no sense at all---like I had a dream about me and the bf eating christmas dinner in a grocery store resturant and they were serving COW UTERUS! what a dream!


27 WKS - January 10



Jamie - January 10

Thanks, atleast I know I'm not alone. I just keep getting scared that the dreams are trying to tell me something. I dunno. From what I hear there are going to be a lot more and I should get used to it.


Julie - January 10

Agreed, 100% normal..................I had them until about 10 weeks, then they were replaced by puking regularly! :o)


Kate - January 11

Me too - I'm 23 weeks now and have been having insane dreams almost every night. I have placenta previa, and I dreamt that hubby and I had s_x (we're not allowed) and bleeding started. My best mate took me to see a midwife, but the midwife was a new age type person in a tent, burning incense and talking about my moon cycles...and on top of all that weirdness, in the dream I'd been worried that I'd be told off for having s_x so my best friend sorted it out so there was no evidence...? Weird weird weird weird dreams. Or another one where I dreamt that I gave birth to a ten year old boy who popped out and ran away. Very odd.


yungmama - January 27

Hey, this is Jamie I registered. I had the same dream as before (when the baby kicked his way out) except this time it was a little girl. She came out and was almost a year old already and was walking and talking. Then I still felt the baby kicking me from inside. This is when I woke up and he really was kicking me.


krc - January 27

Im having really cool dreams, peaceful actually. The other night I could fly like peter pan and flew into the window of a top secret government compound into a room where these men were having a meeting and I was showing off that I could fly !! The night before I was a pirate trying to take over a pirate ship! That was fun!!!!! Last night I went to scotland, I remember being in a french chateux in during the rennaisance and there was a wedding going on and I went to the buffet table and it was elementary school food !! haha no baby dreams though


yungmama - January 27

It is starting to worry me though. After having that dream last night I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed. I don't know if I am getting scared of motherhood (I know I will be a great mother so I don't know why) or what. I just feel extremely awkward and frightened. Anyone else get like this?


bump - January 27



me - January 27

Hey, at least your not having dreams about having s_x with a pumpkin. not that I am or anything...:)


dee - January 27

lol girls! im 15 weeks and have only had one dream so far....i dremt the i was about 20 weeks and bubs jumped out of my me and went for a little wonder...walked around the house happily and then come back and suggled in again.........kinda looked like a gingerbread man freakish.



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