Crazy Mother In Law

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sk - June 3

i am 25 wks with my first and am considering br___tfeeding. first for the health and benefits for the baby, and second because formula is so expensive. but my mother-in-law told me i was crazy for wanting to brestfeed. she said i will have to be on a strict diet and that it is much easier just to formula feed, and that all her kids and other grandchildren were formula feed and are just fine. well i'm not lazy like her and all of her daughters were, and would like to try to br___tfeed. do you think that it is harder to br___tfeed, and also what kind of foods do you need to eat while br___tfeeding?


Nicolle - June 3

No it isn't that hard to b___stfeed I won't lie and tell you it didn't hurt like hell at first but you get use to just can't eat things like spicy foods, garlic, chocolate, things that make your babies stomach upset....and really you have to learn that on your own those are just some of the things that will for sure hurt their little tummys but no it isn't that have to maintain a good diet you can't just try to not eat and stuff you have to eat almost like your still preggers....but when you b___stfeed the weight seems to come off alot easier....and in the begining you will still have contraction like pains in your stomach when you b___stfeed cause that means it is making your uterus shrink back to size....but b___stfeeding is wonderful I did it with my first two and plan on doing it again with this one....oh also it is good to drink alot of milk when you b___stfeed too....but that is what I know from my experience I am sure people will have other things to tell you.....good luck and give it a try it isn't that bad it is awesome...


Tammy - June 3

Unless you asked her opinion she needs to mind her business. Nursing is a personal decision not right for all. Nursing give you baby good nutrition as well as formula. Both of my sisters-in-law nurse so they don't have to get up at night. They kept their babies in their beds all night. Not me! You do have top watch what you eat while nursing but it is cetainally manageable.Go for it!


Wanda - June 3

You eat the same foods you do now, healthy stuff with a few treats here and there. There isn't a special diet per say, just making sure you eat enough and stay away from drinking and certain medications, but like I said, that is what you are doing now. I have done it both ways, with my first, I was too young, still in school, so that wasn't something I considered. He is 15 and just fine now. My second, my daughter, I b___stfed, and it was very easy. I was staying home, so it was easy to not have to sterilize bottles, buy and make formula. But, the first few weeks were hard, getting used to the feeding, sore nipples, engorged b___bs and leaking all over the place. I think you should do what you feel best, and make sure you tell your monster-in-law about your decision, because she needs to be supportive. You don't need her giving your baby a bottle if she babysits (that happened to me) or making you feel uncomfortable.


m - June 3

you can actually do both. Breastfeed and formula feed. i did it that way because I was afraid I wasn't producing enough milk. It worked out very well. I continued to BF for 4 months, then turned to formula alone. To answer your question, in my experience, I feel that it is harder to BF. I wouldn't label formula feeding for the lazy though. I think the majority of mothers do formula feed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My main goal was to give my baby the immunities found in mothers milk that cannot be reproduced in formulas. I did that for the amount of time I found to be right for me and my baby.


J - June 3

I don't think either is bad it is a personal decision. I formula fed my son and it was great! I got my body back just fine and my son is 3 now and very healthy. I was going back to work and didn't have the type of job where I could pump at work. My son slept at 6 weeks and I lost all my baby weight. I don't think formula feeding is lazy at all you spend more time b___stfeeding than you do formula feeding though.


Jessica - June 3

try to stay healthy by eating a well balanced diet. Doesn't mean you have a stricter diet than women who formula fed that is crazy talk. do what you want to do. I am also planning on b___stfeeding but luckily my MIL isn't driving me up the wall, and she didn't b___stfeed.


Cher - June 4

Breastfeeding is difficult only in the beginning, as you and the baby both adjust...I think it is easier and healthier...I b___stfed all 3 of my kids and will try with this one too! You will have to eat healthy and take note of foods that could possibly give your baby gas or cause tummy aches - some I noticed were cabbage rolls, onions, tomatoes, but again it all depends on you and your baby because everyone is different. I know people that ate whatever and it never bothered baby. Good luck and ignore the MIL :) You can also pump and freeze your b___stmilk so that MIL can give baby a bottle (of your milk) if she is babysitting.


hey - June 5

It is none of her business. I had the same thing happen. My MIL tried to make me feel bad for b___stfeeding b/c she couldn't do it. She had 16 kids and lived off the government with all kids. So tax payers paid for her formula. Yes formula is expensive. I b___stfed for many reasons. Its good for the baby, less health problems, and you lose weight faster. Put your foot down and tell her you need support not negative comments. Good luck



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