Creative Way To Tell Family Gender Of Baby

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fifijeep - January 25

So, this is actually for my computer-illiterate sister-in-law who's expecting this summer. She is going Monday for her ultrasound to determine the s_x and when she finds out is looking for a creative way to tell her parents and friends. She is really wanting a boy and refers to the baby in the masculine, but would be happy with a girl too. Anyway, she is going to call her parents with the news since she won't be able to tell them in person. She will be meeting up with the in-laws in person though, so could tell them in a neat way too.. Any neat ideas on how to announce what the gender is? There's lots of ideas on the web about announcing pregnancy, but I didn't find any about announcing gender. When I found out I was having a boy last summer, I brought a onesie in blue and brought it to lunch and had them open it. She just wants to do something different.. Any ideas will be appreciated!


kate_ - January 26

i found out i was having a boy about 6 weeks ago. i invited my mom, dad, brother, sis-in-law and nephew to dinner and told them i'd announce the gender with a cake. i baked a cake earlier in the day and dyed the white frosting electric blue with food coloring. i had also put food coloring into the cake mix, so when we cut a slice, it revealed a blue inside too. it went over pretty well. i didnt tell them anything, i made them close their eyes and then put the cake in the center of the table. my mom screamed, "it's a boy" before anyone else had the chance to open their eyes!


sarah21 - January 26

You can get a picture frame that says "baby boy" or "baby girl" and put the ultrasound picture in it and have them unwrap it, or give them a t-shirt or something that says "Proud grandparent of a ___." Or just casually mention it in pa__sing conversation and see if anyone catches on. I myself just blabbed it out.


Cat24 - February 1

i just think its a bit boring to tell everyone what you are having. i mean its always going to be a suprise, but when they know the s_x and probably the name all there is left to know is when she actually gives birth! i think it takes the suprise element out of it, which is a shame. i also hope she has a girl since she seems so against it. i would never refer to my baby as him or her, because i believe it doesnt and shouldnt matter what s_x they are. she should keep the suprise factor alive.


fifijeep - February 1

She's super excited about planning the nursery, and it turned out really nice, because she and her husband had a special moment when they find out they're having a BOY! Of course, everyone only wants a healthy baby in the end. Birth is still an amazing, emotional experience whether you know the s_x of not. It was still a surprise to us when she gave us all little brown paper sacks and told us to open them - and inside were little blue socks! It was very special, and we look forward to decorating and preparing for her bundle of joy! Thanks all for your suggestions.


Cat24 - February 2

fifijeep im not saying birth isnt exciting when people know what you are having. what i was saying is that it does however take that element of suprise out of it, people dont ask 'wow really what did she have then' because its more of a 'oh whats she called the boy then, or whats she called the girl then'. it takes that extra special element out of it. hence why there are so many posts on announcing pregnancy and not announcing gender! when you know the s_x of the baby, the due date and probably what its going to be called, then all there is left to find out is when the baby is born. its like going to a wedding and everyone knows exactly what the bride is wearing!! of course its still exciting but im my opinion i want to keep that extra 'wow' factor on the baby's birth day!


sashasmama - February 2

Another wow factor is going to be how much it really hurts. That's what surprised me more than anything.


bean - February 4

Wow Cat24 - you sound like you're having a really hard time with your hormones! Fifijeep didn't ask anything about your opinion, she specifically asked for creative ways to tell the gender. So back off chickeeta! Keep your baby's gender a secret, but don't criticize the rest! Jeez. Anyway, congrats to your brother and sis-in-law Fifijeep! I know they already told everyone, but I like this thread idea so let's keep it going! I announced the gender to my parents with a big bouquet of flowers - all pink for a girl. As for the rest of the family who are far away, we built a fun website with a "click here if you want to know" (because some didn't want to find out) and decorated the page in all cutesy pink and girly things. With this baby, no clue yet. I like the cake idea a lot!


bellybubble - February 4

To Cat 24 - in every topic I see your name in, you either disagree with the poster (not saying your not allowed an opinion but its almost every time) or you are nasty for no particular reason - almost like you want someone to get into an arguement with you - just an observation. I too am keeping the s_x of my baby a suprise but just because I am doesnt mean I think everyone else should - fifijeep I think the cake mix thing that Kate did is a great idea!!! Never heard of that before - really original and fun!!!


Cat24 - February 5

bean and bellybubble i hope you can understand that everybody is ent_tled to their opinions on topics. I personally find that it would take the excitement out of things telling the whole family, but then its each to their own. its not nasty having a differing opinion. making personal attacks and being malicious is what i would call 'nasty'. there is nothing wrong with my hormones, it seems like you are having a bit of a hard time lightening up and accepting different opinions to your own!


ma1008 - February 5

dear i think you are being rude about it, she's not asking for opinion on finding out the s_x or not, shes asking for ideas on revealing it to family. since it looks like you wouldn't have an idea to suggest to her, why not just let those who do answer her question. i too think you just really want somebody to argue with you about the whole issue. Congratulations to your sister in law fifijeep.


bellybubble - February 5

Hi Cat24 - yes I do believe you are ent_tled to your opinion on not finding out about the s_x of your baby as it takes the excitment out of it for you and thats fine. I was actually commenting on the fact you posted this: "i also hope she has a girl since she seems so against it. i would never refer to my baby as him or her, because i believe it doesnt and shouldnt matter what s_x they are." Once again this is your opinion and she said she would be happy with a girl - you just couldnt resist the dig. Anyway this will be the last post I put on this particular topic as I dont want to get into an arguement to and fro.


Cat24 - February 6

wow ma1008 and bellybubble, you obviously both have a bit of difficulty with accepting different opinions to that of your own! its isnt actually a 'dig' (as you like to put it) by saying i hope she has a girl. i said that because i hope she can realise that having a girl is just as wonderful as having a boy since she is obviously (as stated) 'really wanting a boy and refers to the baby in the masculine'. for some people that are like that, it usually takes something like that to happen for them to wake up and realise that a baby is precious whatever s_x they are. of course the poster squeezed in 'but would be happy with a girl too' because her sister-in-law would look rather stupid if she ended up with a girl. you also cant really do anything to change the fact, so obviously those few words have to go in the post somewhere! you both seemed to jump on the 'argument' conversation when in reality the only point here is the fact that i have a differing opinion to yourself and you took great offense to it. i struggle to see how easy it will be for you to go through life wishing 'arguments' upon people simply because their views don't necessarily reflect your own. good luck!


bean - February 6

Cat24 - please shut up and go away. Your depressingly desperate cry for attention is making us all ill. Go find another forum to howl on.


fifijeep - February 6

Wow - a simple question looking for ideas took a turn for the worst I see. Let's try to keep this light, ladies! I have no problems with what Cat24 said, because though people can have preferences about announcing/preferring gender, I know myself and my sis-in-law, and she really is happy with both. She actually is planning on having more than 1 kid, and is hoping for a girl next time around. Nothing wrong with wanting a boy first. Of course, all you can do is speculate what you're having when your pregnant! Anyway, best of luck to all, and let's move on from this thread if it doesn't have anything to do with the topic!


Cat24 - February 8

bean it says it all when you have to resort to such a childlike comment. aren't we all adults in here? everybody in here has a right to state their opinion, maybe you should try and get used to that fact and learn to stop being so nasty.



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