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ayesha11 - November 4

hi ladies! i am trying to decide between a white crib and a dark wood (espresso) crib. we don't know the gender yet and i was wondering if white would be too feminine if we had a boy. also, im concerned about white getting dirty even though the crib looks so nice in white. any thoughts?


jennifer_33106 - November 4

It depends on how you decorate the rest of your nursery. White is not just femine so that is nothing to worry about. We went with an oak color crib just because I dont like the white ones. haha Well that and also white shows more dust ect. But it is really up to you! I just like the darker cribs... haha


ayesha11 - November 4

thanks jennifer! we are thinking of going with a crib that converts into a toddler bed, instead of a full-size bed. what are your thoughts on this? can you tell this is my first baby, and i have so many elementary questions : - )


sarah21 - November 4

I like darker cribs, but be careful if you bottle feed because the formula will show up. Also if they teethe on the crib and start chewing paint off, it shows worse. I myself am getting a black crib because I like the way it looks with the bedding I have picked out. Also it converts into a toddler bed AND a full-sized bed. It's a good idea unless you want to re-use the crib with the next baby because you won't get the chance to use the other features unless you get another one.


hopeful24 - November 4

We went with a Mahogany crib. I wanted white, but then realized how much dust would show as well as our Blue weimaraner's hair. Like Sarah we got one that also converts to the toddler's and a full size bed. It is really up to you! I don't not think white is to feminine. Talk to you later!


jennifer_33106 - November 4

Hey there! I heard mixed thoughts on that. We ended up getting a crib that is not transferable. Many people have told me that they never end up changing them out. If you know you will though I would go for it. They are a little more then just a traditional crib but you save in the end. This is my first baby as well!! It is really comes down to whether or not you will switch it over. Also many people will tell you a changing table is a waste of money but if you have pets like indoor dogs then I think they are a good idea. We have a indoor dog so I wanted something that we could change the baby on with out the dog trying to see whats going on. haha Also Like sarah said the babies while teething like to chew on the beds but I heard that you can get a bed that protects against that. Teeth marks and such. I cant think of what it is called though....


mama keya - November 5

This is your baby get what you like if you want white, white it is and if not that's okay your baby your choice. I have two other cousins that are also pregnant with me one of them for the first time and I have a aunt that knows it all. Well the first time mom is due in Jan and still hasn't brought anything because my aunt always has a comment that's to expensive, not that color, that's not going to work, I had this one, that's ugly, and so on. So just as I told her its your baby you should like what you buy and while its okay to listen to others only you know what you like. We only live once enjoy it.


Happymommy - November 5

I like both colors. The darker used to be my favorite, now I lean towards white. You can look online and see lots of boy bedding that is so cute with a white crib. Blue just looks so fresh and crisp with a white crib. So I say just go with whatever you like best and it will work!


jennifer_33106 - November 5

You know I was reading that about the white and blue looking crisp. Wouldnt a sailboat theme nursery be adorable!!?? It wouldnt look the same with a darker crib in my opinion so I guess it is how you decorate and your personal taste!


corbin289 - November 5

I'm also thinking about white. I am having a boy and the bedding set I'm getting is shown in Pottery Barn on a white crib. So I really think its what ever you like. This is my third and with my first two I used the same crib because they were so close together and I did turn it into a toddler bed but not the full size. Most cribs I've been looking at do convert and they really arent that much more so I'm also going to get another one this time. By the time they are ready for the full size bed I've had enough of it and want a new set anyways. Good luck!!


ayesha11 - November 5

thank you so much for your input! there are so many options out there, i'm leaning towards the espresso color (its on the potterybard website), since it was my first instinct, but who knows what i will eventually decide on : - ).i also think i like the toddler bed conversion, but i think we will probably be ready for a new set by the time we are ready for a full size bed. i'm also trying to decide on a hutch (over the changing table). will it be too crowded to change the baby?


jennifer_33106 - November 5

Oh you know what? I saw some changing tables that are dressers. The changing table is on top. If you have pets it is a good idea to get a changing table but I have heard many people say that they never use them. I got one cuz I know i will as we have an inside dog and I dont want her in Briannas face all the time!



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