Cry Cry Cry

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pinkbo0tlace - June 18

Oh you guys, lol. Man, I have NO idea where to start. Well, I got pregnant in March, and my now ex bf dumped me at the end of April, because I did not get an abortion. Two weeks after we broke up, he started having s_x with a "friend" (whom we BOTH hung out with while we were together!) and now they "really enjoy eachothers company", etc...etc...She has totally replaced me in his life, just like I vanished and she just magically came about. She hangs out with his family, friends, etc...everything me & him used to be. People see them getting there freak on in public, and they call eachother constantly. I am so broken hearted. I love this man with all of my heart, but it's very easy to too see he does not love and respect me. I have been so depressed I cry every day (im now 4 months) and I had to get on anti-depressants. He is more then willing to have s_x with me, but it's hush-hush to his "friend", and tells me that she is just a "time filler" and he wants to "do what he is gunna do before the baby is born and has to settle down" - meaning, he is using this girl. She talks horrible about me too, and she doesn't know me on a personal level! how rude! also - my ex love is getting more and more into drugs, which breaks my heart because I knew him BEFORE he was EVER like this!! I just feel shattered!! How can I get over him? I don't want to cry anymore!


mindymay - June 18

i say, leave him for good. i hate to say it, but i think he is using both of you. he leaves you, and tehn talks about how he is using her, but will sleep with you, he is probably saying the same about you to her. i say drop both of them like a bad habit. it wont be easy at all, but time heals all wounds. it may take a long time, but i promise it will. take your time and energy with this child, dont consentrate on who the sperm is from, but just that you have this wonderful little angel.


AmyB - June 19

this whole situation sounds just like my best friend and he baby is now 21/2 months and he is still playing the games....i love you but i just...BLAH careful girl....


KLT - June 19

Didn't you post this in another forum? Did you get your answers on who you think might be the father? The guy at the party or the bf? Either way....forget your this bf you think you love with all your heart....he doesn't love you. He doesn't love anyone but himself! Focus on your baby and moving forward with yourself... : )


sunshyne9 - June 19

Hey PINK.. stop crying over a jerk like that.. I sure hope after that your not thinking about taking him back after your baby is born?? I mean if he cheated 1 time and whatever.. andyou loved him wiht all yourh eart and you took him back it might be understandable.. Ive been tehre done that lol but for him to disrespect you, your unborn child and this other girl is disgusting. Does she know yourpregneat?? I would tell her that hes usingher and he is having s_x wiht you still.. or said he would. Thats aweful man on his part..who does he think he is.. GODS GIFT TO WOMAN? man he has no morals eh? LIke hes theone that has to go through the huge change.. ya right.. He sounds ilke he was a sperm donar and tha'ts about it.. Hope you make the right choice you think is right for you and your baby.. goodl uck


AmyF - June 19

Get him where it hurts girl, - his wallet.


sophandbob - June 19

I think you need to do the thing thats gonna be the most hardest of all first,a nd will cause more crying immediately - and that is to leave him. It will totally get better after time and the crying will become less. If you keep with him it'll continue and won't stop. Pretty soon you will have something else to poor out alll that love you have onto something else. The guy truely dosen't deserve you. By the sound of it, him and your friend both deserve each other - they are both horrible! The drugs issue would just confirm this to me even more. I think you know what you need to do, but are just frightened of facing your fear.


pinkbo0tlace - June 19

your right..I am scared to face to fear of saying GOODBYE BUDDY! And yes, this other chick knows i'm pregnant..I hung out with her with i was pregnant (eariler on),


tryingx3 - June 19

Remember you are stronger than you think you are and will feel much better once you remove yoursefl from that situation. Focus on you and the baby and MOVE ON! :-)


KLT - June 19

Do you think that you won't find anyone else if you leave him?? You will! And remember, he doesn't even respect you in the least.


Aviendha416 - June 19

At what point in your young life did you lose enough of your self respect and self esteem to tolerate a man, not only telling you to kill your/his child, but jumping all over your feelings and your heart? Women do not need a man to define who they are. You are unique, full of life and spirit and beautiful and F$(K him if he doesn't see it. Get rid of the boy and collect your 17%. Find yourself a real man.



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