Danactive Probiotic Shake

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me - November 10

Are DanActive probiotic shakes safe? I called the comapny and they said to ask my Dr. My Dr. charges for each call and the damage is done. I had a few mini bottles before thinking about what I might be doing.


Lydia - November 10

I would think there would be a warning if it was dangerous.


hi - November 10

Just from a quick search of the net, I found that probiotics are very beneficial during pregnancy. I think that i will begin taking them too. Here is what I found: They help our bodies to manufacture B vitamins and produce vitamin A through a series of chemical reactions. • They supply the enzyme lactase, which is needed to digest milk sugars. The American Committee of Nutrition advises that children and adults should take fermented foods, e.g. yogurt or supplements to improve their tolerance to dairy foods. • They can enhance our absorption of nutrients and help our bodies to digest food properly. • Supplementing the body with probiotics during pregnancy may reduce the risk of allergies developing in babies. In a Finnish study probiotic supplements were given first to the mother prior to birth, then to the baby postnatally. They halved the rate of eczema in children with a family history of allergies. • Some studies show that probiotics can stimulate the body's production of immune-boosting substances, increasing resistance to infections. • They also help repair the digestive tract, and help prevent disorders such as Crohn's disease, colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and diarrhoea. • Probiotics can help stop harmful bacteria from growing; protecting your baby from tummy bugs. They may also relieve the symptoms of thrush and counter the effects of antibiotics, especially diarrhoea. A 1999 study showed only seven of 100 children taking a probiotic supplement developed diarrhoea a__sociated with taking antibiotics, compared to over 25 children out of 100 who did not. http://www.babycentre.co.uk/refcap/563211.html They are a new addition to the diet so your dr may have little or no info on it. I am going to call mine and see what he says--since its free. I will let you know.


me - November 10

Thank you for your response. I feel much better. I am curious to hear what your Dr. says. My husband and I both have allergies so perhaps I sould buy more DanActive.


me - November 16

I asked my obgyn and she said there is not much research out there. She said it probably wouldn't do any harm, but she is not sure if it would be beneficial. What did your Dr. say?



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