Dancing To The Music

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KellyB - April 4

Have any of you tried playing music for your belly? I am 22 weeks and last night I put my headphones on my belly and softly played classical music, I have heard lots of things about reading or playing music to the baby in the womb, so I figured I would try it. It was funny because she started kicking and moving around. I couldn't help but think "does she like it? or is she kicking to tell me to turn it off!?" Have any of you tried this?


New_mom - April 4

Hi KellyB. I have heard of peple doing that. I have not tried. I will try tonight and see what the baby does...


Samantha B - April 4

I did try this. I didn't just play cla__sical. I mixed it up with a little Jazz. Autumn Leaves and Miles Davis are her favorites she always drifts off to sleep during Autumn Leaves. Make sure you don't have the volume up too high.


mandy~ - April 4

i wonder the same thing, if my baby is kicking coz he likes it or if it makes him stressed


Leahp - April 5

Did you guys ever read the thread on here about the woman that had some old Micheal Jackson playing and her baby was having a blast with it, too bad the thread turned into a racist thread!!! But the old school Micheal Jackson does have a great beat!! I'm sixteen weeks and can't wait for my beey to get bigger, I already ordered a box set of Bob Marley, my favorite!!!! But mixing it up is a definite!!!


Shona - April 5

Hi Kelly - my hubby was drunk and singing the other night and I had alot of kicking too - (He is such a bad singer!) I also bought a wind up baby toy and place it on my bump. I am 23 weeks.


KellyB - April 6

Shona that is so funny because while I was singing in the car the other day I thought "I wonder if this is why a mother's singing is soothing to them cause you sing while they are in the womb" And what happens when they realize that their mom sucks at singing! I have continued to play music at night for a bit and she seems to not react much now, so maybe she's getting used to it!


Shona - April 6

Yeah it is funny - OR mayby baby's kicking because they actually like the voice of whoevers singing!! All baby's must like mummys voice instead of daddys!! Good Luck Kelly x



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