Dealing With Amnio

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Tammy - April 27

I'm 45 and pregnant with my 3rd. Tried to have CVS and could not. Having amnio on 5/3. Love to hear anyone's experiences. Maybe it will settle my nerves. Thanks.


Melany - April 27

Hi Tammy! I am having my amnio 5/6 so I'm in the same boat...scared to death!!! If it makes you feel any better a good friend of mine had one just a few weeks ago and a__sured me that it's really not that bad. She said it didn't hurt any worse than getting her blood drawn and she didn't have any complications!!! Let me know how yours goes! Good luck!


Karen - April 28

Tammy, Melanie try this link


J - April 28

Karen, that was a great link to refernence!


Mrs O - April 28

Not a big deal at all. I had no bleeding or discharge which they said could happen and is natural. Don't worry about it.


Tammy - May 6

Melany, I had my amnio on Tuesday and like your friend said it really wasn't bad. I just didn't look. It's agony waiting for the results. They told me anywhere from 3 days-2 weeks. I'm a wreck. Thank god I have so much to do; I am really trying to stay positive.


Davida - May 6

I'm 39 and 12wks pregnant. My husband and I have opted not to have the amnio.


Tammy - May 6

Davida, I only opted for amnio for 2 reasons: 2 previous miscarriages and being age 45. I had my son @41 and like you, I also opted not to have amnio. Don't get me wrong, I am petrified of the results. My husband did not want me to thave the amnio but I feel that I want to be prepared. Good Luck to you.


Tammy - May 12

Hi everyone! I just got back my amnio results and everything is fine. Also it's a boy!


nm - May 12

Glad to hear everything went well.


Karen - May 12

Congrats, Tammy! I'm so happy for you! Take care!


Karen - May 12

BTW, I understand how amnio is a tough decision for many. You did what you felt was right for you and that's great. The downfall of the whole procedure are the age statistics that draw many women in. What they forget to mention is the fact that those statistics were done in the early 70's! Hasn't been updated since. And the fact that most older women having babies have normal babies. Most DS children are born to younger mothers. Not to scare younger mothers, but those are the facts. Perhaps it is because amnios aren't offered to younger mothers. Anyways, you take it easy now. Congrats, again : )


Tammy - May 12

Karen, The stats do scare you to death. My OB is great. His a___logy was to put 39 white and 1 black marble in a jar. Pick one....What are your chances of picking the black marble. It seem much better this way. When I had my amnio, the dr told me that my chances to have a healthy baby were more than 90%. The books that you read say for age 45 chances are 1 in 40. Now that seems scary.


Karen - May 12

Yes, those stats are scary. It puts so many 35+ year old woman on edge during a time that's somewhat worriesome anyway.



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