December 2005 Moms

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Federica - May 21

I am due on Dec 5th 2005 I am 11 wks and 5 days pregnant. I had a U/S on Thursday and all looked ok. However I am some bacterias in my urin, so the doct gave me some antibiotics (1 dose). Is anyone experiencing UTI? My baby is soo beutiful is all formed with arms and legs..and I am only 3 month..amazing. Finally my nausea is getting better. Please write me your progress if you are fue in Dec. Thanks


Kate - May 23

Hi Federica! I'm due on Dec 4th, I've just got past the 12 week mark! So far I've not really had any symptoms and I haven't heard the heartbeat or had an ultrasound yet, this feels so unreal for me at the moment!


Kimmy - May 23

Hi all, I am due December 5th and also just hit 12 weeks. I have had 2 u/s's already both showing a baby and heartbeat and i will have my 12 week scan this i'll keep ya posted !


Brandi - May 23

Due December 3rd and wish it would hurry up and get here. I hear ya Kate on the feeling unreal. People are buying me baby things and I dont mean to be rude because it will be helpful but I need to comprehend everything first.


Vans - July 1

Hi Federica, How r u? Im due on Dec 23rd.. just entered 15th week of my pregnancy I also had my scan when I completed my 12 weeks and everything was fine execpt the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but my Gyn said this is normal in pregnancy as the the Vagina seems to be very very hypersensitive and prone to any allergies so got to be careful I also had antibiotics and now im fine soooo sont worry and be happy u.....


Tanyav - July 1

II had a yeast infection at about 11 weeks and they just told me to use Monistat. I'm 16wks and due on Dec 11th. I'm just looking at everyone’s due dates and my due date is only a week ahead of Federica’s and they say I’m in my 16th week. Am I calculating this wrong? I'm not sure where everyone is from but I heard docs calculate it different in the US. Does anyone know how they calculate how far along you are in Europe? Thanks


ME - July 1



Tanyav - July 1

To ME. Im not sure if you were asking me but I have a app for a U/S on July 26th and I will find out what the s_x is then. Do you know what your having?


Chris - July 4

Hi, mine is due round the 29th of December, had 2 u/s's so far, everything seems normal, just they cant seem to pinpoint my due date, changes with each u/s. Is this normal?


K9 - July 4

My due date is December 20th and I am just starting my 16th week. I had a UTI, as well, and they gave me Microbid (antibiotic) and I am fine now. I have had two US.



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