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Cassie - July 12

Haven't seen any of the December moms lately and just thought I'd start a new thread. Things are going well with me. I'll be going in for my second ultrasound on Thursday! I hope we'll be able to see what s_x it is. We're excited!


TCM - July 12

Hi Ca__sie. Good idea, I have also been missing the December thread. Had my Drs apoinment Monday, all well and my husband got to hear the heartbeat - he loved it. My next ultrasound is on the 22nd and STILL haven't decided about finding out the s_x. Just found out 2 more of my friends are pregnant and due in January - makes me even more excited about the pregnancy! Hope everyone is well ... are you showing yet. I think I am though others say I am still in the "looking fat" stage - nice!


BIA - July 12

Hello ladies. I am due December 11, and I have my second u/s on the 21st of this month. I am so excited to find out what we are having...I am hoping for a girl, but of course, my hubby wants a boy. I'll be happy with whatever we get! I think I am definately starting to show now- my belly is rounding out- it's very low and wide. I started to feel a few thumps yesterday which is the coolest thing ever. Is this your first baby?


Kate - July 13

Hi ladies! I've got my first ultrasound on the 20th, we can't wait to see the baby, but we're not going to find out the s_x! I think I still look fat but hubby says that I'm starting to look pregnant because my stomach is getting round and big! I think I've been feeling occasional flutters since week 15, but I haven't felt anything stronger yet!


Kayla - July 13

Since the last December thread, I've started showing, now the tummy is rounding out, felt the baby since week 15 also! They're getting a bit stronger now, I'm soooo EXCITED! DH has felt it too!!! The only problem I've had so far were some tightening in the pelvic area. My sister scared me and said i'm having contractions, etc. But i read into it, and it seems normal (a bit uncomfortable though) My next ultrasound is on the 25th, I can't wait (I'm kinda hoping for a girl) but i don't mind either, i just want to be prepared... Anyone else feel like this?


Ca__sie - July 13

Tomorrow we find out if it's a boy or a girl. Yes, this is our first baby and I've been showing for quite a while. I've been in maternity clothes since week 13 and now I'm almost at 19 weeks. Yesterday was the most active day yet for the baby! It was really moving around and the movements are stronger than before. It was so exciting!! It is starting to seem so real now.


Kimberlee - July 13

Hey ladies. I am 20 weeks today and I am doing great. I found out at 18 weeks that I am having a boy, we are naming him Logan Kennith. My feet get a little swollen now, anyone else have this problem yet. It totally sucks. My hubby doesn't like to rub which really sucks. What a b___thead, hehehe. But anyways, I am so glad to hear about all of you ladies and how well you are all doing. Oh Logan kick's so much!!!!!!!!


Mflores - July 13

I am due December 28th, so I am a few weeks behind you ladies. I am 16 weeks today, so it will be a few more weeks before we find out what s_x the baby is. I have been feeling little flutters for the past week or so, but nothing really strong. I think I am just starting to show, but just feel fat right now. I can't wait to have that unmistake-able pregnant belly! Hubby is anxious to be able to feel the baby move, too. Kimberlee - I dread the swollen feet! I remember how miserable my mom was when she was pregnant with my little sister (I was 12 when she was born). At least it will be cool out when we are big and pregnant!


TCM - July 13

Hello all. This is my first pregnancy too. I am nearly 18 weeks and think I felt the baby for the first time this morning ... cant be sure but it is very exciting anyway!!!


Christina - July 13

Hi All!! Well I am due Dec 22- I have been having complications (subchorionic hematoma/bleed), but now I think the bleeding is getting much better and I felt the baby move last week for the first time and then this morning again! So now it's starting to become real and I can really feel excited- YAY!! This is our first. I think it's a boy- my hub thinks it's a girl. We have our U/S on the 23rd. Does anyone know what I should drink to make the baby move around?? I heard OJ is good. Any suggestions?


Alaina - July 13

Hi guys.Sorry I've been busy and sleepy latley.Hows everyone feeling?I go the 26th for my ultrasound.Hows everything Ca__sie?Hope all is well


KarenC - July 14

Hi all, I'm due on 2nd Dec and will have a 4D scan this coming Saturday to confirm the gender. But everyone is telling me that I look like having a baby boy. =) I started showing this week but I'm yet to feel my baby's movement.


Liz - July 14

Hello! I am due Dec. 12th. My next appt. is the 28th, which at that time I will schedule an u/s... I cant wait! Hoping for another boy! :)


Kathleen - July 14

Ca__sie- Hey I am due on December 5th! I am so excited. I am going in to get my ultrasound on Wednesday the 20th! I have a 4 year old boy already and I am hoping for a girl. I have been writing on the first trimester for a while now and just though about coming to this board. Pregnancy stupidness is great you gotta love it!


Amanda - July 14

Hello Everyone I am due on December 26th!!! I am now 16 weeks 3 days and I just had my AFP Quad Test yesterday! I debated forever whether or not to get it, but opted for it just be safe. For the past week or so I have been feeling great. It worries me at time because I feel like I am not even pregnant...but those trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night don't let me forget haha! Anyone else feel like this around 16 weeks?? I don't get another ultrasound until 22 weeks. It is killing me having to wait this long...i just want to call my little peanut by a name :)


Kathleen - July 14

Hey Amanda- I was feeling the same way that you are when I was about 16 weeks. That is usually when all the energy and goodness starts. I am 4 days away from being 20 weeks and I am feeling like I am not even pregnant still. But I get those friendly reminders when I feel the baby kicking and moving all around. I am still in my same clothes so when that changes I am sure I will start feeling more pregnant. So are you feeling the baby yet? Is this your first?


Sarah - July 14

Hi all! My due date is on December 19, for now. Well, the thing is that I haven't gone through an ultrasound yet. I have a referral certification to have it done before my next appointment on the 29th. I wanted to do 4d afterwards, but I can't afford. It's okay, though.



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