December Mommies

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AddysMummy - June 23

Don't know if there is a December moms post, if not yay if there is sorry lol! My name is Teresa I'm 13 weeks 5 days due Dec. 24th lol! I'm a SAHM happily married I also have a 19 month old daughter named Addy. I'd like to get to know others. I have MySpace if anyone else does.


Bilmes123 - June 24

I am 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first. I am having my third ultrasound next month and I get to find out the s_x of my baby :D I'm due Dec 12th lol which is the day after my birthday


clindholm - June 24

Hi girls, I will be 16 weeks tomorrow, due December 7th, which will be my dd's 2nd birthday. Teresa- how are you feeling so far? Colleen


AddysMummy - June 24

Hellloooo both of you! I'm feeling alright, sleepy most of the time haha. I am close to pa__sing out a lot of the time. What do you both hope you're having? And congrats :)


clindholm - June 24

I hear ya on the exhaustion! I thought it would be better by now, but I guess I was wrong! We are hoping for a boy this time. When we went to the 1st Trimester NT scan, they said they were 90% sure it was a boy. We should find out for sure on July 14th for the 2nd tri screening. Are you also hoping for a boy? Bilmes, what are you hoping for?


jessb - June 24

Hey there, Im 16 weeks, due on 12/5. I dont go for my ultrasound until July 10th. I cant wait!! I hope I can find out what I am having. I have a little girl who is 28 months old.


ebaby08 - June 24

hey girls, Im 14 weeks and 2 days, due dec. 22. This is my first. My second trimester ultrasound is july 22, cant wait to find out the s_x, hoping for a girl!


AddysMummy - June 24

Hehe well everyone I've asked feels that we are having a boy. Which is wonderful because we badly do want a boy but would be happy with a girl. I get so tired so easily! I'm also anemic :( Which is terrible feeling! I can't do much without getting exhausted and it's upsetting. My husband is at AT ( annual training ) and should be home on in 2 days! Yay!


clindholm - June 25

Hi Jess and ebaby, I sure hope everyone gets the baby gender they want. Addy- are you taking an additional iron supplement? Try to have OJ or something w/ vit c when you have iron foods to help absorption. I guess if you're anemic, you've probably already tried that. My next doc appt is Friday so I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. I'm so nervous this time around and worry constantly that the baby is not ok. Can anyone relate?


ashley_1991 - June 25

Im 13 weeks and 2 days preggers due Dec 31 :O lol


AddysMummy - June 25

I take the flinstones vitamins with Iron, lol. It does not seem to help that much though sadly. My iron doesn't seem to rise and I don't seem to feel better. I just seem to get a splitting headache everytime I take them. I can't stand that. I am always scared that there is something wrong with the baby though :(


clindholm - June 26

Addy- maybe you could try some vitamins from a natural or organic store? Because they are not synthetic but a natural of the vitamins and minerals your body can absorb them and use them better. I have been using "Source of Life" multivitamin which you can order online. They are a little pricey but are completely worth it. I have used these before I was pregnant and the doc told me to keep using them b/c they are better than the rx prenatals- just a thought. Has anyone thought of any names yet?


Bryandi - June 26

Hello ladies. I am 15 weeks and 2 days and due Dec. 16th. I have a girl who will be three in July and a 16 month old boy. We are hoping for another girl. Our sonogram to determine the s_x is July 24th! I too was exhausted for the entire first part of the pregnancy. I think I would still be, but once I pa__sed the first trimester the doctor ok'd 1 cup of coffee a day and that helps keep me going!


Bryandi - June 26

We have a couple of names left over from our other two children, but who knows we will probably completely change our minds once we find out the s_x and start brainstorming. The ones we have are Ember or Chloey for a girl and Seth Austin or Gavin Tyler for a boy. LOL we had never decided on a middle name to go with Chloey and we were going to use Rose as a middle name for Ember or for Tabitha (which is my daughters name Tabitha Rose) so we need to come up with a new middle name if we use Ember. Anyone else started to think of names yet?


clindholm - June 27

Bryandi- Congrats to you! The fatigue does seem to be getting a little better. I think it's harder for those of us that have lo's at home, you just can't nap when you need to. Good luck at your scan, I love the names you came up with especially Chloey and Seth. We go on July 14th for the 2nd tri scan and we are hoping for a boy since we have a beautiful little girl already. I have been having 1 cup of tea in the morning and feel guilty about it. I used to drink about 3-4 cups of coffee before I got pg, so I'm really having a hard time with the lack of caffeine. Colleen


Bryandi - June 27

Thanks Colleen! With both of my kiddos I gave up the coffee for the first trimester even though the doc said I could have 2 cups a day if I wanted to. After the first trimester I drink 1 cup a day. I too drink a lot of coffee normally, but after going 3 mths without it 1 cup keeps me right in line. So July 14th is the big day! Mine is 10 days after yours! I hope you get your little boy....hehehe in fact I hope you take the last one so that mine will be a girl. I will love the baby no matter what of course, but can't help but hope anyway!


Bilmes123 - June 27

chindholm : I was hoping for a boy, then I was a girl, then a boy, then a girl lol so I would be happy either way. My sister is pregnant right now with a boy so it would be nice for someone my sisters baby could be friends with.



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