December Thread Continued

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Alaina - July 27

Hey heres the new thread.Cassie thats a good idea about the name I might do that to.Yeah TMC the first few time I felt the baby move I wasn't sure either sometimes it's still hard.I can normally tell were he sits....on my blatter lol.Thats were he was on the ultra sound today I had to pee so bad the whole time between the baby and the women pushing on my blatter,It was worth it with ya all soon Take care:)


TCM - July 27

Hi Alaina Glad to hear all is well ... congrats on your boy. No more news - get to see my Dr in 2 weeks and hear my baby again. After the ultrasound, it feels like there is no "next" milestone. I suppose feeling him for sure will be a big thing!


Ca__sie - July 27

Alaina, congrats on the boy! This is your first, right? We would have been happy with either a boy or girl, but we are elated to have a girl. As far as names go, we have it all picked out (had it picked out for a boy too) though we're not telling anyone until she is born. Is it just me, or do names get popular just as you tell everyone your choice of a name? lol. I've had that happen to friends. Aiden for one. I never thought it was that popular and then I knew a few people who chose that name and before you knew it, it was THE name that year for boys. What do ya think? Am I being paranoid?


Bree - July 27

Alaina, I really like your name. It's on my list if we have a girl. I don't know anyone named that and only found it in a list in my search for names on the internet. Were you happy with your name growing up? I'm trying to convence my fiancee that Alaina is the perfect name. Sophistocated, out of the ordinary and sweet. Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ca__sie - July 29

Hello December mommies. Tomorrow I'll be 21 weeks... yea! I feel like my tummy has totally ballooned. Yesterday my sister asked, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" I don't have any stretch marks on my tummy yet... instead my hips are taking the brunt of the stretching. I guess I prefer them there than on my abdomen... I'm sure they'll be coming around soon. :-( I just wonder what I'll look like at 8 and 9 months when I'm already this big at 5 months. Well, it is either the way I'm carrying her, or she's just a real big ole' baby. Hope to hear from more December mommies soon!


Alaina - July 29

hey Ca__sie,How r things.I'm so exited I'm having a boy,anyway I'm getting bigger everyday mostley tummy and hips tho thx gosh lol.I don't have any strech marks either but I did get a few vericose vains on my upper thigh oh well I'll get them removed when I'm older.I've been feeling good exept for the up all night peeing thing.I'm glad everything is good I've scheduld a 4d ultra sound for September so I'm looking forward to that.Take care


bump - August 1



Kayla - August 2

Alaina - you're smart, I should consider a 4d scan too. I don't have much to look forward now... Had my 20 wk scan, heard the heartbeat, felt the baby move, etc... From now on it's just weight gain, water retention and regular ob visits :) I don't know if I'm the only one, BUT I CAN'T WAIT to meet my little girl, and december seems soooo far...


Ca__sie - August 2

Kayla, you're not alone. I've had my second u/s now too (it's a girl) and now there is just the waiting... I guess there are the baby movements that are ever increasing... but I know even those are probably going to change into kicks in the ribs. :-) December does seem far away, but we really only have over 4 months to wait. It will be fun to finally meet the little ones though!


Bree - August 2

Well Alaina, I have some news. I had my level II sonogram and found out I'm having a boy!!!!! (like you!) I'm elated about that so I won't be borrowing your pretty name. My middle name is actually Elaine, but I don't care for it so much and Alaina is somewhat similar. Anyway, now that I don't have to worry about convincing dear ole dad to name the baby that I'm stumped on a boy name. What do you guys think about Reese? ..or Drew? I think they both sound simple and informal, but they are the only ones I'm liking at the moment. I don't care for common, old fashioned names so much so me and my honey clash on agreeing on any name at this point. Reese is my favorite at the moment. The last name will be Powers so definitely not Austin! lol. Seriously, I'm stumped. Any ideas?? Enough of my rambling is everyone feeling at this point??? I'm feeling better physically, but find myself short of breath lately when I haven't even done anything strenuous. Anyone else experiencing this? It's not quite so hot here this week so I've got to get to walking adequately. Take care everybody.


Alaina - August 2

Hows everyone feeling?Bree I get a shortness of breath too from walking sometimes, My doctor says it's my body working overtime and pruducing extra blood for the hubby and I havn't quite agreed on any names, so far tho we both like Dillon(Dilyne), Landon, Tylor, Ethan, I personaly had alot more picked out but my list was vut down lol.The 4d scans really arn't that much you can chosse diffrent packages ranging from $89-289.I started registering today, I desided JCpennys would be nice and universel.I love being preggo but I'm starting to get a little antsy.Just think how we will feel in another two take care hope to hear from you girls soon.Bree thx for all the compliments as my mother would say the world must not be ready for another Alaina. lol hehe


Ca__sie - August 3

Hi everyone! How goes it? Alaina, you began registering? I suppose I should too soon. I was thinking of USA Baby and Target. I should look at JCPenney though too because I know they are everywhere and my husband's family is in Florida. I get a little short of breath now, but the worst thing yet is a gagging feeling. Blech. Sometimes I feel I have to gag for no good reason. I've heard others have this problem too and guess it's just something I have to deal with. Bree, as far as boy names go, of your choices, I like Ethan the best. I think Reese could be nice too, but I just have to get Reese Witherspoon out of my head! :-) It really doesn't sound like a girl name though when you think about it, so I'm sure it would fit your little tyke just fine. TCM, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're doing well. Have a great day girls!


Alaina - August 3

Ca__sie Ethan is my name lol.My hubby and I have narrowed it down to Ethan and dillon.Hows everyone, I like the name Austin but my hubby didn't I really liked the name Dallas, mabey I like stated because I was going to name my girl Dakota.I havn't started gaging yet lol,Yeah I wonder where tmc is? mabey just busy? I'm going to the mall to get some new shirts I think I'm going to get one made that says "no trespa__sing" or "can't touch this" w/an arrow to my belly.Is it me or does anyone else hate it that strangers want to touch the belly? Well gotta go I still have alot if registring to do.It's amazing how much stuff you need.


Kayla - August 3

Ca__sie - thanks for your encouragement, sometimes hormones kick in and I tend not to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but i feel better today! Bree - Congratulations on your baby BOY!!! I do like Reese Powers over Drew Powers, but I, like Ca__sie, thought of Reese Witherspoon... I need to think about registering already? Wow, that's something to keep me busy *wink* and Alaina, I can't STAND complete strangers touching me, what gives them the right?? Even a few of my co-workers that I'm not so comfy with always rub, rub, rub... tell me where you find that t-shirt!! LOL


Kayla - August 3

Bree - thought of some ideas for you: Connor, Elijah or the one I like best is Jonathan Powers... But you have to go with YOUR instincts, i heard sometimes people have to wait until the baby is born to see what they would like better (who knows?) And the hardest part after finding a name is having to agree with daddy, they always have to disagree!


TCM - August 3

Hi all - have been away a couple of days - went away for a long weekend and got to sleep late, laze around and do a couple of walks. Strange thinking how those little breaks will be so different with our baby - looking forward to it though! Had a bad day on tuesday - got bad pains that didn't go away all day and ended up going to the hospital - baby is fine and doctor thinks it is either a muscle pain or gas or something ...:-) Felt silly in the end but better safe than sorry and the midwives seemed pretty used to it from other first time mothers. Took it easy yesterday and am feeling much better. I can feel him move all the time now which is great - husband is a little jealous. The feeling is so gentle that I suspect it will be a while until he can feel our boy too - anyone know when it is usual for others to be able to feel it? Glad to hear you are all well ...


Alaina - August 3

I think in your 6 month people can feel it and in your/8th you can see your tummy move but don't quote me I'll look it up later.Glad to hear from you.It's amazing thinking about how everything will change even trips to the store.I love the name connor my hubby wouldn't go for it:( I also like Sebashten, Gabrial(gab for short) But my sis in law took that along w/ Tristin.So Where did you guys long weekend at?Sounds like it was a good time.Kayla are you having that problem me and my hubby are finding it a little hard to agree on a name, he says he doesn't know why he's even inputing I'll name him whatever I want anyway, But i'd like it to be a name we both like.Tmc I'm glad everythings ok with the baby! I get really scared sometimes but my doc says it's my uterus growing, but I agree better safe then sorry.well take care all



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