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Bree - August 2

I found out I'm having a boy. I'm now ready to tackle the nursery .....only I'm clueless. I'm leaning towards a sort of sage green for the walls. I want a cozy, comfy feeling. I don't even have a crib yet. I have a tall, sort of narrow chest (lingerie type chest) I'm thinking of painting and changing the hardware on to use and definitely want some sort of rocker in there, but as for ideas or tips on creating something cute, I'm lost! Anybody know of any good websites for ideas or tips or shopping sites (reasonable prices!) I'm on a tight budget. I'm not into character themes or anything like that. I just want something homey.


Trish - August 2

Hi Bree, So fun to decorate the room. We purchased our furniture through, we got the Simplicity Ellis crib and dresser/changing table in Cherry finish. It is absolutely beautiful and very sturdy. The room is painted a very light/pale green (we are not finding out the s_x of the baby). Babies R Us has a really neat collection by Wendy Bellissimo for the bedding, we chose the Sir Leapsalot nursery (I am a huge Disney fan). As far as a chair, we got a glider rocker at JcPenney's for $199.00 it is really nice too, the only thing is I am short and my husband is average, we both just fit in the chair comfortably. My brother is 6'2" and his head goes above the top of the rocker...hope this helps a little and happy shopping :-)


Kristy - August 2

I am so jealous you already know the s_x! I have two more weeks! Here are some sites that I have found some clearance baby bedding. Some of them are expensive, but if you dig, you can usually find some good stuff. As soon as I find out, I am going to start decorating as well. Let me know if you find anything interesting!


Bree - August 2

Thanks Trish and Kristy. I'm off to check out the sites you mentioned. Trish, I thought of the sage green just in case I didn't find out the s_x, that way if for some reason I don't have a boy, it will still go well with a girl. I've read about people expecting one s_x and gettin the other (lol). I'm going sort of neutral just in case. Decorating the little one's room is very exciting. Now I just have to clear out all the "junk" in the currently spare room that will be his. That's the not so fun part! But I'm excited anyway. - August 6

Check out walmart for your furniture. They have the glider rockers cheaper than $200. Am going to buy one of the 2 in 1 beds here real quick. Thought it was nice that it goes from crib to toddler bed. Don't forget yard sales. And I like your idea of repainting and changing hardware. Makes it more "look what I made for my baby" You can go to places like Menards and Lowes and head to the paint section. They have lots of "room ideas" Good luck to ya.


Dani Renee' - August 7

Bree, What I did that was really fun, if you can sew or know anyone with talent. Is buy the fabric & Pattern for bedding and you can pick ANYTHING pretty much. It was fun. I had a celestial one made for the set that will be on the crib that is in my room untill the baby is a couple months old. That way the baby's decor matches mine. I find out in 5 days what im having and then will decide what the real nursery will be :) cant wait !!


Spring - August 8

If you decide to go with the sage green walls, I just wanted to mention a really nice sage green paint I found. It's by Glidden and is called Woodland Mystery. I painted my nursery and the bathroom next to it that color, and already 2 people who have seen it have gone and bought the color to use in their own homes. It's just a very nice, muted green color, not too minty like so many of the pale greens tend to be.


Bree - August 9

Thanks Spring! I'll check it out.



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