Decrease In Movement

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mira - January 18

Hi ladies :) Im 25w 5d and for a few days i noticed a drop in the babys movements. She was really quiet and didnt even play up as much when i ate something .. is this normal? I heard that babys have up & down days, but has anyone gone thru the same thing? I duno why but im a bit worried!


jessica72 - January 18

Mira, as long as you're feeling your little one move at least a few times a day, I think all is well. Maybe the baby has moved to a position where she is kicking towards the back? Have you tried the OJ or super cold water trick? That usually will get her to move if you lie real still afterwards. I would call the doc for a heartbeat listen if you're still worried. That's what they're there for. Hugs :)


Tracy88 - January 18

Mira, I go through tis all the time. One day my wee-one will be moving like crazy and then for two days she makes minimal movements, and that's of course when I freak out. I have asked everyone under the sun about it and they say this is very normal, that the baby does not have a set schedule like we want them to or like to believe they do. I was so worried the other day because I took a Benadryl and then didn't feel her much for the next two days......coincidentally I had an U/S scheduled and when we went in there, she was very active, I just couldn't feel it. Try not to worry, I'm sure you are fine, but it's like Jessica said, see if you can get in just to hear the heart beat. The doctor's office really is used to us pregnant women go through stuff like this and they are very accomodating.


mira - January 20

Thanks Jess & Tracey, your rea__surance meant alot! I was so stressed which is unusual for me since ive been so cool this entire pregnancy! Thankfully my little brat is back to kicking up a storm so im feeling great :) Thanks again xx


jessica72 - January 20

See there? She was just messing with you already! :) It's so funny and I'm not exaggerating when I say this. The point where I start to really get worried that I haven't felt her in awhile, she seems to sense it and put me out of my misery and give me a least one little thump. She hasn't let me down yet and hope it stays this way. :)



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