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Michelle - September 30

Is it normal for me to block out all thoughts that are related to delivery? I am 22 weeks and I just started lamaze so I know that I have to start thinking about it. I am a baby when it comes to pain and I am really scared. Any suggestions that can help me ease my worries?


brucen - October 2



Cori - October 13

Ya'know epidurals are really nice!! Also remember that the pain goes away!!


E - October 14

Plan on a full epidural or a parital epidural. With a partial, you can still walk around and move your legs yet it will block the pain from contractions.


christine - November 1

you have no choice...everyone worries...epidurals arent necessarily the answer either...i dont like pain and still am on my 3rd pregnancy..once you hold that baby in your arms the pain becomes very distant


E - November 1

The pain comes b4 you get to hold the baby....


mistey - November 2

i am currently preg with 4th child and i still have worries about the birth (no in my experience they dont get easier with each one my third girl was the most painful)i did the last 2 with no intervention and i felt like i had conqured the world you just need to trust in your body, make some strong decisions (there are lots of options) and see how u can handle it when u get there. good luck! you can do it


christine - November 2

yes E it does but better to think of the positives than the negatives and once again you are going to go through pain to have a child...thats nature...unless of course you decide on an epidural


Kimberly G - November 3

let me just say this I have had 3 children the 1st was with demerol and an epidural and while I felt no pain I also don't remember much with my second I just had an epidural and it was great no pain but i could feel enough to push..again no pain.. and with my darling baby he came so fast that I had no time for anything. while yes the pain goes away It was the worst experience of my life. (I was also totally unprepared..some women who plan a natural drug free birth learn ways to deal with the pain) I have to say that not one of my children were more alert than the other with this my 4th and final baby I will be having an epidural and enjoy my birth. good luck.. make sure you read all you can and make a choice good for u



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