Dental Work During 2nd Trimester

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joeby321 - June 18

As most of you know I have been having severe head pain and have been praying for an answer- well I am hoping that I may have a link!! Late last night I started getting this absolutely horrible pain in my lower jaw and this morning when I looked I can see my lower wisdom tooth coming through. It is really painful and very sensitive. Does anyone know if this could be causing my head pain and if so would it be safe to have this wisdom tooth removed considering they would need to give me medication and by the way I am absolutely TERRIFIED of dentists due to a very bad experienence with one!!! If this could be the answer to these headaches that would be such a blessing!!! Thanks everyone


ejmeskan - June 18

Oh Joey- wouldn't that be AWESOME if that were the link. I can't believe I didn't think about it but 2 years ago I was suffering from terrible headaches and they were concerned of many things and found out I had TMJ/Lockjaw- now I am not saying you have that but just that it could be very easily attributed to it!!! I actually am deathly afraid of doctors but more afraid of being put under (I have been put under twice and gotten extremely sick both times) so I had my wisdom teeth taken out awake!!! It was the worst noise in the world but I didn't feel a thing!!! Good luck!


mjvdec01 - June 18

I was a dental a__sistant for 10 years and I can honestly tell you that YES! Severe tooth pain can cause horrible headaches. There are nerves that run all along your lower jaw that can radiate pain to your ear that can in turn manifest as headaches. You need to talk to your OB about having the tooth removed. I am sure he will probably tell you that it is alright. If I were you I would consult an oral surgeon, even if you opt not to be sedated. They are very skilled and typically have an easier time of getting the tooth out. They also have all the instruments needed to be the most efficient and getting you finished as quickly as possible. Don't go to a regular dentist to have the tooth removed. I hope I helped.


mjvdec01 - June 18

It may also be that you have an infection that needs to be cleared up. In which case some antibiotics could take care of the problem temporarily.


joeby321 - June 18

Thanks guys.. does anyone know if they will treat me because I am 18 weeks pregnant? I go to my Perinatologist on Tuesday so I will be checking with him but I am going to be trying to get into an Oral Surgeon before then if at all possible. I am so scared but if I am get rid of this pain then I will finally be able to enjoy this pregnancy. Thank You all so much. I will keep you updated.


mjvdec01 - June 18

In most practices they put you off until after your first trimester. Either way I would get a letter from your Peri stating that dental work is alright and under what conditions ie sedation and ansethetic. I hope this solves the problem.


JNFR614 - June 18

Yay joeby! I hope this is the answer to all of your pain, that would be great if you can actually enjoy your pregnancy now pain free! Keep us posted!


TraceyC - June 19

yeah you should be fine having your dental treatment. when i was having my daughter 7 years ago i had two wisdom teeth out during my second trimester. i'm actually at my dentist on monday (23) as i have 2 broken teeth that really do need sorting and i'll be 20 weeks 3 days


joeby321 - June 19

Ok well I have an appointment today with a regular dentist because I have to be seen by a regular dentist before I can go to an Oral Surgeon. I have to get a medical release from my Perinatologist before they will see me so I am on a mission this morning. I am so nervous but so excited that this may be an answer to prayers.. so wish me luck and I will keep you all updated. My appointment is at 3pm today, I will let you know what they say and thank so much!


britt_m - June 19

I got a back cold and all four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and are coming in. I was waiting until after the lo is born before I did anything. But with the swelling in the sinus' and throat from the cold really triggered some wisdom teeth pain. It went from my jaws up to my ears. It also felt as if I had a thick head band on when I stood up and it throbbed extremely back so I had to bend over and hold my head for a minute. It was so awful. I went to a dentist got sent straight to an orthosurgeon an hour later. One is horribly impacted and will be removed on the 25th, the rest I'm still waiting til after the baby is born. While pregnant it is safe to get local anesthesia. Also I'm to take penicillan before the appt and I have tylenol with codiene for after, both being safe while pregnant. I'm 22 weeks. So I'm right here with ya!


mjvdec01 - June 19

I am so glad you are being taken care of!! :o}


joeby321 - June 20

Ok so I went to the dentist- they were really sweet and very understanding. I will need to have 1 one my wisdom teeth definately pulled asap. I do have an infection they they gave me penicillin for and tomorrow they are doing a deep cleaning on me. Monday I will see an Oral Surgeon for my consultation for the wisdom teeth and they will do the surgery sometime within the week or so. My doctor said I have have local anesthesia with hydrocodeine for pain so I hope that will help with any pain. Does anyone know if it will? Britt M I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain but honestly am so relieved to hear I am not alone.. we will both make it through this together. Keep me updated and good luck. Good night girls.


FinallyPreggers - June 20

joeby, I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed under local anesthetic 15 years ago (when I wasn't pregnant). I felt a little bit of pressure when one was removed, but no pain at all. I was on pain killers for several weeks during this pregnancy even though I wanted to take nothing at all. The doctor a__sured me it was better for baby to take pain killers than not for my problem. Certain ones cause constipation, so he also gave me stool softeners. You might want to ask about that. I really hope this fixes your headaches!!!


mjvdec01 - June 20

You will definitely do just fine with the local and the pain meds. If you are adequately numb, you should only feel pressure. Since you only need one out, it will be quick. It will probably only take a few minutes to remove and then it will be over. Follow all the post-op instructions to a 'T' and you will heal just fine. No spitting, no swishing with water or mouthwash, no smoking, no sucking through a straw, when you brush your teeth, just let the tooth paste drool out and wipe your mouth the best you can. Once the tooth is removed a clot will start to form and you want it to stay in place. If the clot is dislodged you will end up with "dry socket", and there is pretty much nothing you can do that really relieves the pain. Anyway, follow the instructions and you will be fine. I hope this takes care of your headaches. Feel better!! :o}


britt_m - June 20

Thats good to hear you'll get taken care of. Sounds like everythings the same for us, I had to wait a little longer til DH got back to schedual the appt or it would have been done sooner. I'm nervous but more for the baby than myself, but I keep hearing its safe for the little one. Now that my sinus cold is gone its so much more managable, and I don't even take anything. But I'm glad I'm getting one out of the way.


joeby321 - June 20

Hi guys- well I survived my deep cleaning at the dentist today. To be honest it kind of hurt but it was managable and I am sore now but it was definately necessary. I really appreciate all the info you guys are giving me and I hope that the wisdom tooth is as painless as MJ makes it sound. Although since I have the MTHFR gene issue and I am blood thinners- will that be a problem with my blood clotting? I don't want a dry socket! I'm sure it will all work out, it has to work out. I will let you know, Monday is my consultation. Ok I am going to go rest now. Have a wonderful evening.


JNFR614 - June 24

Joeby- how did your appointment go yesterday? Is the pain you are having getting any better after the deep clean?



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