Dental Work In Second Trimester

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pari - May 30

hi all i am 18w 2 d pregnant.........i am having a cavity which needs a filling ..........the dentist said that i will need an x-ray and a course of antibiotics........she said that she will put a metal shield on my belly......has anyone undergone a similar procedure?


Mingill - May 30

Hi pari, I haven't had any dental work done since becoming pg. Whenever I get X-rays (regardless of pg or not) I have to wear a big lead apron to protect my repo organs from the radiation. So I a__sume that this is what your dentist has in mind. The x-ray will also be aimed at your mouth so very little of the radiation if any should get anywhere near baby. If you are concerned, talk to your OB/Gyn and your dentist again, just to make sure all your questions are answered.


sophandbob - May 30

I have had loads of dental problems since falling prenant, including problems with my wisdom teeth. My dentist said that it really needed to come out, but they wouldn't take it out without doing an xray incase it is impacted, and an exam on its own wouldn't let them know this. I was told that only in extreme emergencies would they ever consider giving anyone an x ray in pregnancy. Whilst the radiation is carefully directed and a metal shield would maybe protect the baby, there is little research into the effects - due to the fact that few people would be prepared to have their unborn baby put at risk to test it. The problem lies, I am told, with the radiation entering the thyroid glands of the mother, which the baby relies on for its growth. The cavity was filled temporarily and was told that I would have to wait until baby is born before I could have the necessary procedure done. I am lucky as the tooth did not give me any pain, so if you are experiencing major pain to put it off until baby is born might not be an option. I would definitely seek your doctors advice before you have this procedure.


squished - May 30

Just a couple of weeks ago one of my fillings fell out and I ended up going to the dentist to get two temporary crowns. They said the novacaine (or lidocaine) is fine during pregnancy, just no gas and no x-rays if you can get by. The dentist did say however that the xray is aimed at a very specific part of your mouth and not to worry. But, as sophandbob said about the thyroid......I haven't heard one way or the other on that one.


mcatherine - May 30

I was told by my dentist that xrays during pregnancy were ok because they were aimed a specific portion of the mouth. When I told my OB this he got upset and told me never to have dental x-rays while pregnant. A contradiction, true, but I choose to follow OB advise while pregnant. I would think they could fill a cavity without an xray?


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

the pregnancy books say the 2nd trimester is when to have dental work done. many women get problems while pg because baby takes all of your calcium that your teeth are used to. i have a friend who had to have dental work includig xrays when she was pg and her baby is ok. see what your doctor says.


Perl - May 31

My OBs office actually gave me a form that looks like a permission slip stating that it is okay for me to get dental x-rays as long as I wear the protective shield/ apron thing. My dental hygienist on the other hand told me that my dentist refuses to x-ray a woman who is pregnant or who may be pregnant. While I appreciate my dentist's over-cautiousness, I think if my OB Dr. said it's okay then it should be okay. Make sure your doctor approves of the antibiotics as well as the x-rays or else wait to get that cavity filled (unless it's causing you pain).


chamomilia - May 31

I started having tooth pain a week after I got my teeth cleaned (at 20 weeks) my dentist said he would not work on my mouth until I was 6 months pregnant, but my Doctor said to get any cavities taken care of in the 2nd trimester. Luckily the pain went a way in a couple of days and hopefully doesn't come back.


KellyO - May 31

Hi pari. My OB told me when I first found out I was pregnant to have all me dental work up to date. I am now 19 weeks. I recently had new retainers made since my old ones were 15 years old. My orthodontist wouldn't take any x-rays unless I had a doctors notes. My OB said since I am out of the first trimester, as long as they use a metal sheilding then I will be fine. Don't be afraid to call your doc and double check since each individual has a different situation, besides that is why they are there and make the big bucks! Good Luck!


EricaG - May 31

Hi Pari, just wanted to give you a word of advice. I'm 30 weeks now, but when I was in the second trimester they were contemplating doing x-rays because of a medical condition/ My mom is an x-ray tech and she told me to make it very clear to them that I would not have the x-ray done unless I both my belly AND my back were shielded. I would suggest you doing the same thing. It's better to be safe than sorry.


cmfqueens - May 31

Hi Pari! I recentley went to the Dentists and needed an x-ray as well. They put two shields on me to cover my body. I was laying down though. They said if i need an x-ray to where i had to stand up that they do not reccomend it because your sides will be exposed.


Steph - May 31

I had my teeth cleaned at 18 weeks and a small cavity was detected w/out the use of an x-ray. I just had my cavity filled last week and I'm now 34 weeks. My doc's office would not do any x-rays at all and I never asked my OB what his thoughts on it were.


pari - May 31

thank you all soo much......i spoke to my ob she has given me an ok......but one of my aunts is also an ob so she asked me not to have any kind of x-rays i will speak to the dentist and will ask her to temporarily fill the cavity or some thing....but no x-ray definitely......


sophandbob - May 31

I think that'll be for the best, as there is the risk you'll just spend the rest of the pregnancy worrying about whether you made the right decision. if it doesn't hurt, then I can seem the harm in a temporary. Also, think about whose opinion your trust more, the dr? the dentist? your aunt? I couldn't help but think that maybe the dentist just wants to up their fee by giving you an xray, for something which seems pretty routine.


kenodra - May 31

yeah i have im 17 so im going through all that i was pregnant and i didnt even know it had x-rays at the dentist and everything like that, and then i had cavitys filled. then i even got braces put on you will be fine, the dentist wont do anything to harm you or your child. just make sure your doctor(dentist) is aware that your pregnant.



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