Desperate For Sleep Any Ideas

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falafal0 - February 12

I am currently 13 weeks along and have just gotten over the worse of my MS, but have also developed bad insomnia, which in turn has made my dizziness worse. I can not sleep on my right side for some reason - goes numb - and I constantly toss and turn and change all around. I have three other children who need me and I have become a walking zombie - I am desperate to sleep but simply can't. It has gotten so bad that I am contemplating asking my doctor for soething to take that would be safe as well, if that's possible! Does anyone have this problem and what can I do about it? PLease help!


Keli - February 12

I hear you about the walking zombie! I was that way too. Mine only lasted about 2 weeks. But it was an awefull 2 weeks. I was going to bed at 9pm. I have to get up @ 6am for work. I started staying up till 9:30 and drinking sleepy time chamomile tea. It has helped alot! GOOD LUCK! it wouldnt hurt to call your dr. Also a warm bath might help too?


falafal0 - February 12

Hi Keli, I've heard about this sleepy time tea in another thread. I drink chamomile tea, but it doesn't dp anything, but sleepytime sounds good. I'm in Australia, so I don't know if you can get it here. I'll check it out. Thanks...


Kerri - February 13

Hi I know this is tricky with other kids, but are you getting any exercise. I found that I have been sleeping way better if I have been for a long walk in the evening. Also I find, that I can miss my cues, and end up going to bed too late, so overtired. At the end of the day sometimes it is just pregnancy because I had it terribly in the early stages with my first son. My other thought is valerian, a natural sleep aid, but just check if you can take during pregnancy. Good luck, and try to get a cat nap in the day if you can!


^lucy^ - February 13

u might want to try sleep time tea as someone called it in another thread,, and as kelo and falafal0 mentioned also.. i never tried it myself but sounds helpful and i read that it was recommended by a doctor


lilylee - February 13

Sleepy Time TEa Here is the link to the brand...


Steph - February 13

I take Tylenol PM occasionally if I am having a really bad time falling asleep. My doctor said it is fine to use occasionally and one pill does me just fine.


falafal0 - February 13

Thanks everyone. I am going hunting today for the sleepytime tea, thanks for the link! :) As for exercise, I have three other children, but do not exercise out of the time I spend running around after them! I am so exhausted most days, it's a vicious cycle.


SuzieQ - February 14

You may want to try taking a warm bath (not hot!) before bedtime as well. Even a warm shower. I know you need to watch your body temp while pregnant, but water seems to relax muscles and the warmth enhances tiredness at night.


Deb - February 14

Tylenol PM is safe and should do the trick! Just take it early so it has time to wear off because you don't want to be groggy in the morning!


Emily - February 14

excersize durring day and warm bath at night. Do not get body temp too high, but do taek a warm bath, as your body cools down, it will get sleepy. take it about 30 min beofre you are ready for bed. And dont lay dwon beofer you plan on sleeping. try not to read in bed, only use bed for bd and sleep so it trains your mind that bed is for sleep. if you must. sleep in any position that is comfy. even your back, i know they say not too, but if you prop yourself up on pillows it is okay. if you get dizzy when doing this stop, casue tha tmeans you are putting pressure on the opint they dont want you too, whcih is why they say not to lay on your back too long......try useinf pillows to sunngel up with.



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