Developign Allergies

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Beth - October 17

Has anyone ever heard of developing allergires during pregnancy? I used to be able to drink milk, not that I ever did, I think it's gross. But now, if I try to drink milk, or have hot chocolate, or anything like that it makes my tummy hurt, anybody ever heard of this?


Mandi - October 18

It might not be an allergy, but rather lactose intollerance. This condition can be magnified during pregnancy. I would talk to your doctor, but it is essential that you get your recommended allowance of calcium. Early in my pregnancy I was having a similar problem, and the doctor suggested avoiding milk products and getting my calcium through other sources (soy milk, calcium supplements, etc...). Now, I am 25 weeks pregnant and can't seem to get enough of the stuff.....I HATED milk before I got pregnant....wouldn't even drink the leftovers from my I find myself drinking 2-3 gla__ses a day. Best of luck to you.


kri - October 18

Beth - I also used to be able to drink milk pre-pregnancy. It was not that I drank everyday or I liked it. I used it for brkfst cereals, but now, I am 14 weeks along, and If I drink milk I throw up until the last drop of it comes out. I have stopped milk completely. But what I am surprised about it, I can still have yoghurt, cheese, b___ter etc., without any problems. So I catch up on yoghurt. How many weeks along are you guys?


Beth - October 18

I'll be 26 weeks on thursday, I can eat yogurt and ice cream (mint choco chip is the best) and other milk products but not milk, I still get my calcium though, I drink OJ with calcium for people that don't drink milk, and since OJ is the only thing that I crave, my baby gets this from it's daddy, I'm still getting all I need I just was wondering if anybody else had developed anything like this while pregnant.



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