DH And You Know What

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Angee2 - March 7

OK- so my DH has always been a bit of a pig. He says dirty things to me and hits on me all the time. It seems like lately, he's doing it more. He said he finds me more attractive now. ???? Is he nuts? Have any of you noticed an increase in interest with your man?? --maybe mine is just a pervert. LOL LOL


ginger6363 - March 7

angee2, good for you! I hope you enjoy it! I don't feel much like "you-know-what" these days and dh just stays away. Oh, also when I first read your post I thought you meant your dh was abusing you! You said "he says dirty thing and hits on me all the time" and I thought, "I OMG what PIG to hit a PG lady! Ha!


krnj - March 7

lol You're lucky!


Angee2 - March 7

HA HA no abuse here. DH is awsome! I do appreciate his attention. He's sweet.


jodsil - March 7

Yes! My husband is infactuated with my b___sts, he loves them! However, now that I am getting bigger I am noticing a decrease so take advantage of it while it lasts:)


JessC531 - March 7

Yes! My hubby was always pretty interested to begin with, but lately, it's crazy! He says he finds me more attractive now, too. My b___bs have gotten bigger, which I know is driving him nuts, but he seems to like all the changes that are happening with me. He's so funny. He said, "I was never attracted to pregnant women before!" LOL. Poor guy - I'm so not in the mood lately. I thought the 2nd trimester was supposed to be when I was in the mood!


c_baer19 - March 7

LOL, mine is the opposite - he is still interested, but he doesn't find me any more attractive now that I'm pregnant. He won't say it because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but he just doesn't think pregnant women are s_xy.


c_baer19 - March 7

Oh, but he does love my much-bigger b___sts.


kvilendrer - March 7

That's great! I don't feel like s_x very much anymore, and my poor husband is suffering. He feels neglected. But now that I'm in the second trimester, it's increasing a little.


bl - March 7

Dh told me yesterday that I looked hot. This was a surprise because with my first pregnancy he was a little freked out by all the changes my body went through. I think his comment might be due to lack of s_x or his surprise that I was dressed in something other than my pj's!!!


JolieLucker - March 7

hahaha you girls are funny! Mine is just a total creep all the time so.. nothing seems off!!


JerseyGirl - March 8

My DH told me the other day how s_xy I am. Much appreciated, but I just can't bear the thought of s_x. Even when he was kissing me goodnight last night, I was (hate to even say it) sort of grossed out. I'm 26 weeks today and we've had s_x TWICE so far during my pregnancy. I HATE that I feel this way!


Angee2 - March 8

JerseyGirl- twice?? Maybe if you just do it you'll realize you miss it and want to do it more. ?


seanandmya - March 8

I am the same way . I don't know if it's my lack of s_x drive or that dh doesn't find me attractive right now : ( Feeling a bit sorry for myself ... I do think that sheer laziness plays a part on my side though . I'm just too tired !


ginger6363 - March 8

Don't sweat it, JerseyGirl. Me and dh have done it only twice (3x at most--sad, I can't remember!) and I am almost 14 wks! :)



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