DHA Suppliment

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Faye84 - January 22

Are any of you taking this? Its like a red liquid pill, Its made my Expecta. It is for pregnant and br___t feeding moms, It is suppose to be good for the babies eye and brain development. I had a sample pack, But now I want to actually buy some but i cant find them anywhere! anyone ever heard of it?


pebblesnbambam - January 22

I am taking it. I found it at Walmart, Walgreens and Snyders special ordered it for me. My doctor highly recommended it. Good luck!


ophelia73 - January 22

I also take them. I usually buy them at Walgreens. I did find them at Kroger, as well as Motherhood Maternity. Believe it or not, they were cheaper at Motherhood than at Walgreens!


ConnorsMommy - January 22

I have them.. though I haven't been taking them everyday.. I got them from the grocery store Safeway.


lailadab - January 22

do u take them along with your prenatal vitamins or instead of them???


Faye84 - January 22

Its an additional thing that you can take. Its suppose to help better eyes sight and brain growth. thanks guys, Ill check out walgreens.. we dont have any of those other stores up here! hehe.


lily10 - January 22

I have never heard of this suppliment, but looks like I'm going to have to take a trip to Walgreens tonight. I hope they have it.


Tracy88 - January 22

I got mine from Whole Foods market. It's Omega 3 capsules with DHA and EPA. Some Nordic Brand. Came very highly recommended. I'm sure if you have Whole Foods, GNC, or any other health food store you can find them. You want the Omega 3's that you buy to be from the highest quality cold water fish which is why the Nordic brand is supposedly so good.


c_baer19 - January 24

Well I called and asked my doctor and nurse about these, and they had no idea what they were, haha. The doctor thought at first that I was talking about a testosterone supplement, which he said is not a good idea, hahaha. Then they called back 5 minutes later after looking up information and said it was fine to take.


jen327 - January 24

I take these too, I asked my Dr and she said she has heard of them, and they wont hurt, but she had not heard of any study saying thye were really a benefit, but I still take them. I was reading on the box becuase it says, recommended dose and shows low unless you take them, but in small print on the box it said this study was done by Lipil, so who knows what a healthy dose really is.


Tracy88 - January 24

Basically DHA and EPA is what you get that is beneficial from fish such as salmon, so taking this stuff is not harmful. It helps tremendously with cholesterol issues when paired with a diet rich in olive oil and low in saturated/hydrogenated fats. Good fats/oils are good for cell wall structure and I'm sure for many other things as well.


jessica72 - January 24

Well and the good thing about Expecta is that it's made from the algae that these cold water fish eat, so you're getting the DHA but not the fish oil. Though I'm sure fish oil is fine too, just want to make sure you are getting a reliable source because some suppliments are not tested sufficiently.



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