Diaper Brands

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Rachel* - April 27

I'm going to be a first time mom and wanted to know from the moms out there which diaper brand you prefer and why. I've heard mixed reviews on Huggies, but that's what they sell at the Costco near me. Any suggestions?


Jennifer - April 27

With my son, I loved Huggies, I tried using other brands but they all seemed to leak, and yes, I was chaning him often. I find that everyone is different. I had friends that hated Huggies and liked Pampers. I think you have to try a few brands before you find the one that you like.


JJ - April 27

Someone once recommended to me: -Huggies for girls -Pampers for boys I used Huggies for my daughter and loved them!


chel - April 27

I used Huggies with both of my girls. Loved them! We tried Pampers at first with each one. They always leaked out. Luvs are pretty good also.


Rachel* - April 27

Thanks ladies. I want to start stocking up on diapers and other essentials. I guess I could always return any unopened packages if I end up not liking any particular brand. Thanks again :)


Andrea - April 27

I used Luvs for both of my daughters. They are a little less exspensive and I really like the way they smell. They never gave me any leaking problems either. The tabs on Huggies kept breaking off on me. I've never used Pampers.


amanda.d - April 27

I always use pampers until size two, then i use huggies.I find pampers have a more snug fit for newborns, and huggies are more moveable and sturdy for older babies.Good Luck!!Also i stay away from "no-name" diapers as i have had terrible luck (leaking, tabs ripping off, etc...) with them.


jb - April 27

I really liked pampers and luvs with my son. Huggies always seemed to leak until he got a little older and then they worked for overnight diapers. I also have had very bad luck with the cheap brands.


Misty - April 27

It depends a lot on the baby I think. Huggies leaks on my son, I go with Pampers Cruisers and they fit fantastically. Never leak. It is almost a shame because I like the way Huggies look better, but they leak on my son. Maybe they will fit on the one I have coming now.


Jbear - April 28

I like Luvs a lot. They smell better than most of the other brands, and they run a little larger than some (especially White Cloud). My daughter's wearing pull-ups now, and I like Huggies best because they're stretchy enough that she can put them on herself (she's 3).


Maleficent - April 28

my standard answer to the diaper question is to start with the cheapest ones and move up untill you find a brand you like. the dry bottoms brand from walmart have never let me down and are very affordable.


Gasd - May 5

What type of milk formula do you recommend?


Laurie - May 5

I b___stfed my 1st and supplemented with Enfamil. They have these ready made bottles with attachable/disposable sanitized nipples which are GREAT in the beginning (and at restaurants or when you are out) because all you need to do is open them, plop on the nipple and feed the baby. They are on the expensive side but great to have on hand...otherwise the powder and the condensed liquid Enfamil works great too and they have so many different options from soy to ...I forget...there are tons to chose from.


Brooke - May 6

I have loved using the Target brand diapers. They are less expensive and do a GREAT job.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

Here's a little talked about fact.... did you know that no matter what diaper you put on your little newborn boy, he will still find a way to point his little "boyhood" out of his diaper and on to you? I swear we tried every diaper out there, but about 4 times a day, he would manage to soak whoever was holding him, and not get the first drop in his diaper. Eventually, at about 3 months, it got better, but man, we sure were going through a lot of outfits between his clothes and ours. As for the diaper preference, I always buy Pampers Newborn diapers, then I switch to Huggies, since that's what they carry at Costco. Luvs are also great, and they are the best at preventing leaks, in my experience anyways. :o)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

Gasd~ I recommend Nestle Good Start Supreme. Similac is horrible, and Enfamil is okay. Nestle is by far the easiest on the baby's system, and happens to be the least expensive of the 3 major brands, which is a huge plus. I tried all 3 with both of my kids (because I received so many samples) and they both thrived on the Nestle.


TX Girrrl - May 6

Luvs are great and so are WalMart's Dribottoms with the Suzy's Zoo characters on them.



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