Did You Name Your Fetus

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Maureen in the second Trimester - August 31

My Dr. told me that many Pregnant woman have a kind of nickname for their Fetus when it is in the womb. Of course we will name him/her properly when he/she is born. But for now I call him/her a Nuud. I think it sounds so cute. What did you name yours if you did name him/her in your tummy?


Lisa - May 6

I have nick names for mine, their twins.


Cristina - May 13

thumper -- after hearing the heartbeat


Annie - May 25

The book i was reading when i first discovered i was pregnant said that the foetus was the size of a raisen! the name raisen has stuck now!


Mia - May 28

I named mine peanut because it is so small.


kelly - June 18

my hubby has named mine nibblett dont ask me why the last one was lumpy


Sara ([email protected]) - June 24

After the first ultrasound at 6 wks, we thought he looked like a little pinto bean, so we named him beano. Now that I'm 18 wks, and he looks like a baby in the u/s, my 8 yr old named him Obie (don't know why!) We nicknamed her Goober when I was preg. with her. The twins were always A & B hehehe


Annabelle - June 24

Mine is called Cubby I call my husband bear so cubby fitted nicely


Joan - June 27

We named ours Saltie Tao ....phonetically salty tongue.....My husband is Portuguese and this means jumper. When we saw the 12 week ultrasound the little mite was jumping and bouncing all ov er the place.


Angela - June 28

My husband has named her b___ter bean. It has really stuck, she will probably be b___ter bean for her entire life now!


lotty - July 15

I have already chosen to call him Oly since finding out he is a boy, so I hope he looks like an Oliver when he comes out or I sahll be calling him the worng thing and confusing him !!


Lori - August 31

sweet pea, his name will be Joseph when born


claire - November 15

i used to call mine my bean!!


Heather - November 17

Me and my husband called ours gremlin cause for the first four months it did nothing but make me sick. And i couldn't eat or drink after a certain time or i would get heart burn and acid reflux. Now we just call it our little veggy cause everything now seems to reference its size to a vegetable.


E - November 17

Mine is "little monster" b/c he kicks me all day and night. I worry that he does not sleep.


Millie - November 17

you guys gave me some cute ideas!! I am carrying twins. Can't wait to start talking to them and calling them by their pet name!!!


Colleen - December 2

We call ours teeny!!!



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