Did Any Of You Mothers Know For Sure

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jessie - May 23

Did any of you know the s_x of your baby before you were told? I just read a post about "motherly instincts" believing it was a girl (sorry - I didn't pay attention to the author) and I feel like I have the same thing going on. I really feel I'm having a girl, and many people I have talked to have said they believe I'm having a girl - including my twin sister. Have any of you felt that "instinct" too?? Thanks!


C - May 23

I feel like I am having a boy this time but my instincts have been known to be wrong. I will find out next mth for sure what I am having. Good luck:)


JenniferB - May 23

I was positive that I was having a girl and it was a boy.


Kat - May 23

Jessie~ i swear im having a girl even though i want a boy i swear it is a girl, me and my husband joke around all the time but i asked him last night what he really though it was and he said that he really thinks it is a girl to. My cousin even thinks so and she is my best friend. They "say" ifyou look more fat than pregant it is a girl but if you look like you got a basketball then it is a boy. But you know how those things go, not everyone is the same! GOOD LUCK!!!


Heidi - May 23

Well at my 11 wk ultrasound they thought it was a girl but too early to tell. Since then I've just been a__suming it's a girl so I've been buying more girly stuff and last night I picked out the paint for the room, a lavender color so it'll go either way, but the border is girly so I said I'd wait to put it up until I know for sure it's a girl, which is a few weeks away yet. I'll have to take it back and exchange it for something else :)


Belle - May 23

I had a STRONG feeling that I was having a boy and last week my u/s confirmed it!


nm - May 23

I thought I was having a boy and the u/s said, girl.


Julie - May 23

I really thought I was having a girl this time around but it is another boy 100%


Carri - May 24

Well, I was positive it was a girl.... I'm talking to the point that I didn't even hear the doctor say "look, there's the boy parts". It wasn't until I saw the big smile on my fiance's face that I realized I was wrong.


Jo - May 24

My housekeeper, who comes once a month said last time, it's a boy....don't even bother getting checked, i know what it is. Well, had an ultrasound last week, and guess what, she was right!


Davida - May 24

I did with all 3 of my girls!!! I had dreams of them also! My husband was so sure the last one a boy even AFTER the ultrasound proved she was a girl!!! I am getting boy vibes from this one though! I really feel it's a boy! Can't wait to find out!


Jennifer - May 24

I have known since day one that I was having a boy, I have told everyone that I felt that this baby was a boy. Sure enough, IT's A BOY!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 24

I'm not sure if I knew what I was having, or if my preference for a particular s_x just influenced my thinking. With my first, I just knew it was a girl, and it was. My second, I just knew it was a boy, and it was. This one, I feel like it's a girl. We'll have to wait and see. :o)


Dana - May 24

The whole time before I found out it was a boy, I felt that it was a boy. I had his name picked out and always said it like I knew that it was. I somehow just knew that it was a boy, and I didn't even try to think of a girls' name! Well, I went to the ultrasound at 18 weeks, and it is without a doubt, a boy!!! So, I don't know if every Mom-To-Be gets that instict, but I sure did.



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