Did Anyone Else Get This

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LeeAnn0925 - February 7

So, this is kinda embarrassing to ask, but did any of you get this?? I am 23w4d and for the last few days my "down there" has felt swollen and pressure like. Today it got really uncomfortable and took a look and it looks a lil swollen and is for sure swollen on one side. I actually had an appt. a couple of days ago and I mentioned it to my Doctor and she just said it was due to blood flow. She didn't even do an exam or anything...Has anyone else had discomfort like this?????? Anything would help...Thanks


luckymenm23 - February 7

i am only 18 weeks but i also feel weird down there but i also heard it was normal because of blood flow and your baby is growing so putting pressure..... I am sure its ok


mommaminchey - February 7

Hello LeeAnn0925 I just want to let you know that I personally haven't gotten to that point yet but I read a very good book... By Jenny macarthy BELLY LAUGHS and in it she talked about the good and the bad things about pregnancy and spoke like a friend would... Not some book from the library and she talked about the samething.. I am sure you are find and I highly suggest picking this book up... It's a quick read and you will be laughing your b___t off!!!


LeeAnn0925 - February 7

She is sooo funny anyway. I'm not much of a reader but I will for sure have to look for that. I just watched a T.V show "Extreme makeover" and she was getting her mom to have a makeover and she was too funny..Thanks


mommaminchey - February 7

She is very funny. I don't like to read anything but a magazine and I blew through the book in days... I took it everywhere I went... Very very easy read... I pa__sed it to a friend who is pregnant and she loved it.. I even made my mom read it... LOL>>> Hope it helps.. I believe she refered to what you are going through as hugu blue twinkies...LOL


LeeAnn0925 - February 8

Hugu blue twinkies...What??..haha..Hilarious


mommaminchey - February 8

Sorry I meant Huge.... LOL. soory i'm at work and trying to do way to many things at once... But seriously get that book and let me know what you think....



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