Did Anyone Find Out The Sex Of Their Baby Then Regret Ti

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Sarah - April 19

I really want to be strong and wait until I give birth before I know the s_x of my baby. But because I am such an impatient person I think I'm gonna find it hard not to find out! Has anyone done this and then regretted it later?


Jennifer - April 19

I was feeling the same way, and I am very impatient, but we didn't find out, just becsaue we were not 100% sure if we wanted to know, so the doctor suggested that we wait, becasue if you are not sure, there is no turning back once you find out. It was very hard to walk out of there knowing that the doctor knew and I didn't, but I am happy with not knowing and I am glad that we are waiting.


Sarah - April 19

How much longer have you got to wait? My baby is due October 25th. I'm 13 weeks pregnant today! I know that if I'm not sure then I guess I should wait. I guess the surprise is one of the best bits! Plus it will be fun trying to guess! Do you have any suspicions as to whether you might be having a boy or girl? My sister in-law in convinced I'm having a boy because I haven't been sick (only been nauseous) and the hairs around my belly b___ton seem to be getting darker! LOL!


rb - April 19

hi sarah - i'm going thru the same thing - we're trying to decide and since we are both so bad at surprises, i really want to know - but then i imagine the excitement you get when it comes out... i don't know, i'm not a lot of help - but wanted to let you know you're not the only one... :)


Jennifer - April 19

Hi Sarah, I am 26 weeks, I am due July 25. I have had mixed feeling on what I think it is, as soon as we found out I was pregnant, my husband and I both thought it was a girl, but now we are kinda in between, it is fun not knowing, but it is hard looking at baby clothes and not being able to buy a cute little pink dress, or cute little blue outfits. We still have 2 more ultrasounds to go to, which is hard not knowing, but it is fun trying to guess what it is. Good Luck with your decision.


penny - April 19

Hey Sarah, I let the first one be a surprise and the 2nd I wanted to know. Now I'm on the 3rd 10 years later, and have nothing planned, I plan on finding out so that I can be prepared....Friday's the big day!!! :) and No I won't regret it :) There are always positive things to look at when you know, you can bond more closely knowing the s_x, pick out a name, prepare for your little one, instead of it being some little person you don't even know. that's the way I felt with the first one, who the heck is this little person. :) The second one already had a name, and my other child could also bond with the thought he was going to have a brother :) Hope that helps!!


mandee - April 19

nope- after finding out iam having a girl, i have been on cloud nine, and shopping like crazy! i could never wait 40 weeks! mandee


Sarah - April 19

I think the hardest thing will be when I go shopping for little outfits. I will just have to go for unis_x clothes for now! The little girl clothes and boy clothes are so cute! I have a hard time deciding the small things in life ie, what am I going to eat for dinner?! This is going to be so hard!


NM - April 19

I found out that I am having a little girl and I do not regret knowing:)


Tarah - April 19

I couldn't wait to find out! It seemed like it took forever for the Dr.'s appointment to finally come so we could see what we were having. Now that we know we're having a girl, we are very excited! If you were hoping for a certain s_x and you think you might be disappointed if the baby isn't that s_x, you might want to find out now, so you can get used to the idea! Plus, it's always fun shopping for baby stuff when you know what you're having!! Good luck on your decision and with the rest of your pregnancy! =)


:) - April 19

I found out that I am having a girl...(a little sister for my 3 year old daughter) and I am thrilled!!! My husband and I have decided to keep this secret between us and not share it with friends and family until the birth so there still will be some element of surprise. I am glad I found out...it was still a surprise and I cried happy tears. Either way you decide to go..you can't go wrong. :)


miranda - April 23

I can't tell you whether I would have regretted it, but I didn't regret at all not finding out. It was such a wonderful surprise and looking back there was really no need to know beforehand.



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