Did Anyone Measure One Week Small

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Lucy - April 10

I am only 8 weeks, but I was hoping someone into their second trimester could give me some hope. I have had no bleeding, have seen a heartbeat, etc. but I am measuring one week behind. My doctor seemed cautious, his tech quite concerned. I am hoping to find someone that had a similar situation whose baby is doing fine and either caught up or with an adjusted due date. Thank you!


Trish - April 10

Hi Lucy, all during my last pregnancy I measured a week behind. My son was born at 40 weeks. He weighed 6 pds and was 18.25 inches long. He was just small. The drs kept thinking that they should push my dd a week or so longer but I really dont think that would have done anything besides having me go into labor (which is something we were avoiding-medical reasons c-section done) you are only 8 weeks I wouldnt worry about it right now as long as there was a heartbeat. I don't understand drs sometimes they put us through unnecessary c___p!


sree - April 11

hey lucy, even for me it goes a week's delay...i am now in 23rd week...when i went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks, they couldnt see anything except for a sac...and within a week they were able to see the fetus growing except for a weeks delay...but the dr says its alright as far the growth is proportionate thereafter...now at 24th week i am measuring 23 weeks, which is what expected...as far as they are able to see heartbeat in an ultrasound or doppler, nothing to worry i guess...


Nadine - April 11

I am starting to think I measure a week behind. Others with my due date conceived after me...I think they fluctuate (the dates). My dr. said I was behind, but not enough to move the date. Don't worry. You seem very sensible and healthy minded which tells me you are eating right and taking cautions--you'll be fine!


Christine - April 11

Hi: Are you referring to stomach measurements? If so, I am 24 wks, and am measuring 2 wks behind (i.e. 22cm), but based on my 12-wk and 20-wk ultrasound and the baby's measurement, the doc actually pushed my date almost one week earlier (i.e. Jul 28 rather than the original Aug 2). My doc told me the stomach measurements can vary somewhat. Guess we won't know 'til the little one shows her pudgy face (apparently she is a fatty, lol). Hope this helps.


Lucy - April 12

Trish- When you say you were measuring behind, was that as early as your early ultrasounds? If so, at what point did you see you were behind? Thank you so much for posting back.


Lucy - April 12

ToTrish-Was this noted on a sonogram, or a cm measurment of your belly? If it was an ultrasound, how early did they note it? Thanks!


Lucy - April 12

Christine Thank you. I am praying that I will make it to 12 weeks to find out all is well. You have given me hope!


Lucy - April 12

Sree Thank you. That is exactly what I am going through. Both you and Christine are giving me some hope.


~M~ - April 12

To Lucy- You are going to be fine. No bleeding, etc., all good news.


Lucy - April 12

To ~m~ Did you have an early ultrasound that measured you behind?



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