Did Anyone S Belly Feel Harder On One Side To Start With

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curious - March 4

mine right side feels harder,like a big lump in it. anyone else had this and were pregnant?


:) - March 4

i feel this when i am layin down kinda feels like its the babys back,lol


PP - March 4

Maybe I am strange. but yes I can actually tell you where the baby's head and but are at all times. I was a little over weight to begin with and I have not really gained any and I can feel its head and rump often. Its like 2 hard large lumps.


mandy~ - March 6

im the same im 20wks and tonight the baby is real active and i often feel a bump on the top right side of my belly, its then followed by kicks in the lower belly lol i love it!


Heather - March 6

mine too. i didnt worry because during ultrasound the tech seemed to be concetrating mostly on that area so i figured thats probably just where everything baby related is.. I'm 14 weeks now and its becoming harder everywhere


Trina - March 10

I noticed that too last night on the lower right side when my fiance gently pressed that area. I'm 15 weeks. Afterword, I felt a gentle poking, almost like the baby was answering back.


donna - March 15

when i lay down on my side (if i sleep on my left) i get a hard lump on my left hand side of my belly and if i touch it i get a quick pain and then its gone any advice please im 16 and very worried as i havnt felt no movement or anything yet and im 16 weeks xx


steph - March 15

yeah mine did to the left but then it kind of centered. then the whole thing just got hard lol


kara - March 16

Your baby usually always starts off on one side. mine is most definitely on the right. This is because your uterus has a left and right horn. if your baby originally came from left ovary, it will lodge and grow in left horn of uterus or vice versa if on right. As it grows, it will fill your whole uterus.


campingmom - April 27

I am ten weeks and today I had an ultrasound to date the pg. The tech said that my uterus was very off to the left. She acted like this was weird so it made me nervous. Then after releasing my bladder it was positioned front and center. She said she wasn't sure but it could be from my bladder being so full? Has this happened to anyone? I don't feel the left or right side more than the other?


Jbear - April 28

My baby curls up in a hard ball on the right. It gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. I've noticed that the baby will move if I tap very lightly all over my belly.


<Amy> - April 28

I'm only 14 weeks but my friend pointed out that one side of my belly is bigger than the other. It doesnt look like a lump or anything just a bit more raised than the other side. Looks really wierd, had my dating scan yday she said everything was normal so have no idea what it is!


me - April 29

is it normal for the lower part of belly,just under belly b___ton to stick out more than rest at 22 weeks?


Lucky1 - April 29

I had the same issue, but, when I got my 18 week u/s she showed me that, that's where my baby was, I think she liked that spot!! It's not like that anymore.


xena right side - May 11



lol - May 13

On my left side, at the top there is a bump like you describe although i don't think it can be the baby as it as higher than where my uterus should be, don't know what it is?!! I am 27 weeks but have noticed it for about a month now.


Marie - May 20

The hard lump or ball you are feeling on your right side is your bladder...especially when it is full. As your uterus enlarges, your bladder gets displaced to your right side.



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