Did I Feel The Baby Or What Was It

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Olivene - March 5

Hi, I am almost 18 weeks. Last night, I was in bed, on my right side, when I felt a new sensation in my lower abdomen. It was like something was pushing out lightly. I put my hand on the spot and there was a definite hard bulge! It has to be the baby right? The bulge went away in a couple of minutes. I am confused because usually the first movements are described as "flutters"- this was a little different. than that. What do you think- was it my baby?!


bump - March 6



falafal0 - March 6

Sounds like your baby moving or stretching around. You may have missed the first flutters - with a first baby, it can be confusing and hard to recognise sometimes. This is my fourth baby, at 16 weeks, and for the last week I have been trying to figure out wether I've been feeling gas or the baby move gently. To me, it sounds like the baby, definately. It's great, isn't it?!


Olivene - March 6

falafal0, It is great! I guess I must have missed the fluttering. I have had a lot of gas!!! : ) Now I am just waiting to see what happens next. I hope your flutters become perfectly clear for you soon!


KristinaHold - March 6

It was most likely your baby. I remember that happening all the time with my first. Sometimes the baby will shift a certain way and have an arm or leg sticking out making a bulge. If it bothers you.. you could very gently move or nudge the spot : )


Sue - March 6

This is my third and I am 16 weeks. I was getting worried because I don't really fell much going on in there. I don't remember too well, as it's been almost 8 years since the last one, but I think I felt the last one at about 4 months. Dr says they are all different.


SaraD - March 10

I am 13 weeks and on the right side of my c-section scar,right above it I keep getting a big hard bulge also.I thought maybe it was a cyst or fibroid or something but it comes and goes.Now that I read this thread I am also wondering if it is the baby.I have had tons of tightening like contractions and when I get them I get that bulge.I really wish I would know if that is the baby.



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