Did I Just Feel My Baby For The 1st Time

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Laurabelle - October 11

I am 15 weeks 3 days. I felt something I have never felt before in my belly. It was sort of like a fluttering or thumping. Felt like a muscle spasm. Could it have been the baby or just some wierd spasm? It would come for a few seconds then stop then come again. It did this quite a few times in about 5 minutes. I heard it is hard for new moms to interpret having felt the baby move for the first time because many women will attribute it to gas. I heard it feels like a fluttering or gas bubbles. I am not quite sure what I felt. I have absolutely no idea where my uterus is inside me right now, so I am not sure where my little one (at 4 1/2 inches) is positioned right now. The feeling was sort of high up near my left rib cage. For those that know what it feels like to feel your baby, what do you all think?


karen - October 11

Your baby is still really low, below your belly b___ton. If you felt something that high up, it probably was something else, I'm sorry to say. But in another week or 2, you may be able to feel it so good luck!


shelly - October 11

I'm almost 23 weeks and my uterus is about 2 inches above my belly b___ton. I feel all movements below or around my belly, never in my ribs


Laurabelle - October 11

It wasn't in my ribs, it was just near my ribs. To the side and just below my left ribs.


Bonnie - October 11

At 20 weeks your uterus reaches your belly b___ton so I doubt it was a kick. For me personally (I a__sume most are the same but not positive) I felt the kicks extremely low at first. Almost below my bump. Only now at 25 weeks am I even feeling anything close to my belly b___ton. Is this your first? It's common not to feel anything until 20-24 weeks. I didn't feel my first kick until 21st week. It does feel a little like gas bubbles, but it's obvious that it's the baby and not gas. To me, it's kind of hard to describe, but feels more like something wiggling about in there than gas, lol. I have had a lot of tummy bubbles throughout my pregnancy and chances are that's what you are feeling. But hang in there, you don't have much further :)


sorry - October 11

Sorry but at 15 weeks the top of your uterus is still about 3 inches below your belly b___ton. At about 17 weeks the top of it will be halfway to your belly b___ton and at 20 weeks it should be about right at your belly b___ton. Anything that high up had to of been a muscle spasm. I am really anxious to feel my baby move too, so I know how it feels to feel something and think it could be the baby. But unfortunately your baby is still way below your belly b___ton at this point. :o( Hopefully we will both feel it soon!!


shelly - October 11

Ok, i've never felt the baby near my ribs. your uterus isn't that high to feel kicking near your ribs at 15 weeks, it hasn't even reached your belly b___ton yet



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